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Busy Summer

I haven’t posted in a long time. I would say it was just because of a busy summer schedule but it has been longer than that. I just wanted to post a few highlights from the summer. We have had some great blessings this summer. I just got back from the associational youth mission trip to Ossian, IA. We took 16 people total and God really worked in all of us as individuals and as a group. The mission team may get an opportunity to continue using their gifts with an upcoming event in New Underwood. The week before the mission trip we had the Sturgis Motorcyle Rally in town. The Dakota Baptist Convention set up a booth with a chance to win a limited edition Harley Davidson motorcycle. We gave away free chances to anyone who would listen to a Gospel message for 3 minutes. It was a long week for all involved as the Gospel was shared with just over 3000 people. I think 3085 was the final total. Out of that group of people 718 people prayed to receive Christ as Lord and Saviour. That total may sound hard to believe but I know it is an accurate count as I know the lengths we went to in order to avoid counting anyone that didn’t personally pray with one of our volunteers. God really blessed this outreach and many lives will never be the same. We had a great VBS this summer, which I think my wife already posted about.
I am going with my band to Hazen, ND this weekend to play a back to school lock-in at the church there. We are excited about the opportunity and pray that God would use us to touch many lives.
Here are a couple of pictures from the mission trip.

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