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I am going to attempt to bring this blog back to life.  And I found the perfect story to start with today.  Ann Coulter has gone and done it now.  She made folks mad once again, now by suggesting that everything would be better off if we were all Christians.  This harkens me back to the statements by some people that equate radical Islam with radical Christianity and suggest that both are equally bad.  The problem with this is that if by radical we are to infer someone who lives their convictions out to their total ends then we would end up on two different ends of the equations.  With radical Islam you have people who are prepared to kill others, themselves as well if needed, to promote/spread their faith.  With radical Christians, you have people who are willing to die(notice the difference here) if needed just to make sure someone has the chance to hear their message.  If Christians were to live a life radically adjusted to be like the life of Christ, they will not walk around killing others.  Instead they will live a life that is at heart self-sacrificing for the benefit of others.  Now don’t you think that would indeed make the world a better place?

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