Christmas wrappings

I guess we can officially call our Christmas over now that the kids had a chance to spend all of their Christmas money.  We spent most of ours too in a trip to Grand Forks yesterday.  The kids went together to get a PS2 (that’s Playstation2 for those grandparents out there who are now saying, “What’s a Playstation?”).  The kids each got their own games for it and they got to play some today.  It is a lot of fun.  (Yes, Amelia and I got some games we like as well.)
We took the money that was given so generously by some of our church members and other folks in town who just gave to us and purchased a snow thrower.  We have a couple of neighbors who have been so giving of their time and energy who have come over and done our driveway on a several occaisions now.  The last time was right after we had received this money and we decided it would be great if we could get our own.  Now maybe we can return the favor sometime.  I am almost looking forward to another snowstorm.  : )

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