Curling update

OK. There are probably one or two folks out there who are curious to know about my curling experience. I had fun, but I am a little sore. I learned very quickly that there is a lot of difficulty in doing this right. I had a very patient teacher who taught me to balance and move around on the ice first. In all the times I have watched curling, the people make it look so effortless as they move up and down the ice. Let me tell you, it ain’t that easy. I didn’t fall while sliding standing up, but I did fall a couple of times trying to learn how to deliver a shot. I also got to shoot a few rocks. The first one that the guy let travel down the ice ended up almost directly on the button!(which is a good thing) As I was leaving, I found out that I used some muscles that aren’t used to that kind of work. Overall, it was a lot of fun, and I have decided to go back some more and get some practice. Hopefully, I can get good enough to join in next fall. Next week, I will take a couple of pictures of the club if I get a chance.

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