A Trying Time

I have intended to write this post for a little while, but I have done a good job of putting it off.  My wife is going to have surgery this coming Monday.  It is considered a major surgery with a hospital stay for recovery time.  In twelve years of marriage, we have never gone through anything like this really.  It has colored the devotionals that I write for the email list and I know it has been close to my thoughts.  She and I have had several talks about it and we are at peace with the situation.  We have absolutely no control over it, but she is in God’s hands as we have always been.  I am not saying that there are guarantees or that God won’t let anything happen that we don’t want.  We have walked the road of faith for too long to expect God to obey us; it is always our obedience to God.

This year has been full of moments of trust, of total surrender really.  I don’t truck with those guys who preach or teach that God will give you whatever you want if you just have faith.  I have lived by faith for years.  Plenty of it.  I have seen God show up and provide for us when we didn’t have any other means to live.  We have been through situations that others just shake their head in wonder at the story.  Just a few years ago, I was working as a contractor for a medical company and making a lot of money(I didn’t handle the money very well, although it was at that time that I learned about giving God’s way).  But we left that to respond to a call to ministry, first as a volunteer missionary 1000 miles from our natural families.  That has led me and the family to a ministry as a pastor of a small church near the Canadian border still over 1000 miles away from those we grew up with, but God has given us a new family all along the way.  The church that He has planted us in is our family and we love them very dearly.  We have only been here since September, but we have really grown a deep bond with the whole group.  It is unusual in my past experience to have a church family this close, but it is a huge blessing.  But I digress.  This year I have heard the sting of the word cancer in our family, with my mother going through it all and I was never able to be there except in prayers.  Now there is the situation with my wife’s surgery.  We are blessed to have lots of help at hand though.  Between our church family and the help from my parents and her mom who are all going to be here this week, we are not worried about things.  The kids are doing OK as well.  We are not sure how they will handle being without mommy in the house for a few days, but we will all just have to manage.  If you are the praying sort, and I doubt you would have read this far if you are not, please keep us in your prayers this week.

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One thought on “A Trying Time

  1. Eric

    I made it here.
    I agree very nice …

    We are all praying for Amelia…

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