Got Logic?

As I have grown older, I have grown more tired of doing the same old arguments time and time again. I still read some of the crazy rantings of atheists who demand proof of God and such, but I just get bored with it a lot faster these days. There is lots of proof out there if anyone wants to investigate the claims of Jesus Christ and His resurrection. And oftentimes if you offer some of this evidence, you get the old extraordinary claims need extraordinary evidence routine. Vox Day gave a fabulous beatdown of this tired argument in a recent post. Check it out here.

It’s quite amusing to hear self-proclaimed “rationalists” attempt to make use of this quote, since the claim that “extraordinary evidence” is required is fundamentally illogical. Because that which is supernatural must interact with the natural in order to be perceived, most supernatural activity will leave natural footprints which are capable of being evaluated by fully natural means. A poltergeist is supernatural, while a vase smashed by a poltergeist, a video of a vase being smashed by an invisible force, and an audio recording of an observing scientist watching a vase being smashed by an invisible force are all natural things that could be provided as evidence for the supernatural.

The whole thing is worth a read. And yes, there is evidence in history that God is real, that Jesus is His One and Only Son, and that the Bible is what it claims to be, God’s Word. But as with any evidence, it has to be approached with an open mind and a willingness to accept the facts that come.

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