A prayer before the dawn

I am getting ready to head to bed. It is early in the morning or late in the night at this moment, but I am grateful for the experience I have had in my decision to celebrate Shavuot. I have spent my time alternating between studying the Scripture readings for this feast, prayer, tending to a couple of things in the house and participating in an online discussion in the comments section of a post at the Internet Monk site. I am still absolutely amazed at God and His ways. I have decided to conclude my time with a written prayer in this post before I retire to bed.

Heavenly Father,

May Your name be praised above all. You are worthy of all glory and honor and praise that I can give. Time is in Your hands and serves Your purpose and plan. You are far above and beyond what I can comprehend, but you have revealed Yourself to me in Your Word and I am thankful. Thank you for my wonderful family and the blessings you have given us. Thank you for my wife, who is so incredible that I cannot find adequate words to describe. I am awed by the way that You have blessed me by giving me a helper who is so kind and loving and thoughtful. She is so precious to me and has been a picture to me of Your unconditional love. Thank you for my son, Jonathan, who loves you with all of his heart. His desire to study Your Word and to follow You has brought joy to my heart as well. I have learned from his childlike faith in following You with all of his heart. He is a blessing in my life and has taught me many valuable lessons in being a father and in relating to my heavenly Father. Thank you as well for my other son, Jeremiah, who has been a source of great joy and cheer. He is always thinking and loves You very much. I am grateful for his humor and his creativity. I pray that he would continue to seek You with all of his heart, soul, mind and strength. I also thank you for my daughter, AllieRose, who has brought a whole different dimension to fatherhood. As a Father, you can appreciate what she means to me. As she grows, I pray that she would learn to love you more and more and seek you with all that she is. I pray that she would use her tenacious spirit to serve you faithfully for her whole life.

Father, thank you as well for all the others who are a part of my life of faith here on earth. For my family, both flesh and blood and my family in spirit in the church, I am eternally grateful. Thank you for seeking me out and teaching me to do Your will. Lord, forgive me where I have failed You. Draw me close to Your side and keep me there. I desire to know You better today than I ever have before. May Your name be praised and lifted high. The name above all names. Jesus Christ. Yeshua, my salvation. I love You, Lord.


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