Sunday Morning 12/28/08

Here is the link for the morning message from Sunday.  The text is Romans 9-10.

I am working with some new equipment purchased with gifts given to me this Christmas season so there is a different sound to this week’s message.  There is a bit of a hum and I am going to work this week on correcting that for the future.  I hope and pray that you enjoy the message.

Here is the outline as it appeared in the bulletin for those who want to follow along.

God’s Plan for God’s People

Sermon Notes for 12/28/08 (Romans 9-10)

  1. Paul’s love for Israel – Romans 9:1-3 (Ex. 32:31-32)

  2. God’s plan has never changed and it never will

    1. Who are God’s children? – v. 8

    2. Is God fair?

    3. Who has God chosen? (Gen. 35:11; Ps. 46:10; 47:9; Is. 52:10; Is. 55; Micah 4:2; Rev. 5:9-10)

    4. The Just will live by faith – Rom 8:30-33; Rom. 1:17; Hab. 2:4

  3. There is only one way – ________________________

    1. Man would prefer to make his own way – Rom. 10:1-5

    2. God’s way is not the same – v. 6-13

  4. We must go and tell – v. 14-21 (Matthew 28:19-20)

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