Sunday Morning 1/4/09

Here is the link for the sermon from Sunday 1/4. The text is from Romans 11.

Sorry for the delay in getting the message posted this week.  We went to Grand Forks Monday and had a flat tire on the way home, so my week has been a little off kilter so far.  I think I have most of the technical issues straightened out now.  I like the fact that you can hear the congregation some in the recording as well (even the baby that graced our congregation makes an appearance).  It makes the recording sound a little more like you are there and that is what I want it to be.  Have a blessed week and enjoy.  Here are the bulletin notes:

God’s Remnant

Sermon Notes for 1/4/09 (Romans 11)

  1. Paul’s dilemma – Did God abandon His chosen people?

  2. God always has a people – a remnant

    1. God’s people are the children of promise (Rom. 9:8 )

    2. God’s treatment of Israel tells us what to expect

    3. We can’t take any credit for God’s work – v. 18-22

    4. We stand only by faith – Rom. 11: 20; Rom 8:30-33; Rom. 1:17; Hab. 2:4

  3. Is it possible to lose your salvation? v. 21-22

    1. 1 John 2:3, 4, and 19 helps clear the picture

    2. Matthew 21:28-32 – the Parable of Two Sons

  4. What Paul ultimately concludes – v. 33-36

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