Bring in the Experts

We have had struggles with the plumbing in the parsonage here almost since the day we moved in.  We could never get the plumber in town in to take a look at it and all of the plumbing knowledge I could amass through Google was helpful part of the time and not helpful the rest of the time.  The big problem was the upstairs bath/shower.  There was simply no pressure coming out and a blockage couldn’t be found in the system.  Well we finally managed to get a plumber in today and lo and behold the valve body assembly was just messed up somehow.  He was only somewhat surprised and seemed to have a low opinion of the hardware store that sold the original piece (I won’t name them here, but I won’t be getting any more plumbing parts from them to say the least).  He had a replacement assembly in his truck and installed it and PRESTO!  The thing works great.  My wife is thrilled and so am I.  We have our bathroom finally.  Many thanks are owed to the plumber for his work, and also to the lady in our church who took me aside a few weeks back and said, “I will pay for us to just get someone who can fix it once and for all.”  Thanks also to all of those who have attempted to lend a hand or advice over the many months and those who have prayed that we would get it fixed.  Your prayers have been answered.
This got me to thinking though.  In a world of do-it-yourselfer, jack-of-all-trade and master of none folks, it is good to have someone who knows what they are doing and can get the job done.  Sometimes you just have to bring in the experts.

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One thought on “Bring in the Experts

  1. If you ever need electrical help, call me collect.

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