Sunday Morning 1/11/09

I have to make an apology to those who wish to listen to this morning’s sermon.  I left the house without my recorder and didn’t realize it until we had started singing in the service, so there is no recording for this week.  The sermon was on Romans 12 and I will include the insert notes from the bulletin with this post in any case.  Sorry to disappoint those who like to listen to the sermons.  May God richly bless you this coming week.

Sacrifice and Love

Sermon Notes for 1/11/09 (Romans 12)

  1. What is your standard going to be? – v. 1-2

    1. Why did Paul use the illustration of sacrifice?

    2. What is God’s will?

  2. God’s people – the Body of Christ

    1. Using your Spiritual gifts

  3. Living a life of love

    1. Love is the engine that drives the Christian life

    2. Compare the attitude and behavior that Paul gives here to Galatians 5:22-23

    3. We are living examples of God’s character to the rest of the world. v. 17-18

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