The Infamous Alberta Clipper

As a kid growing up in the south, I am pretty sure I heard the expression “Alberta clipper” a few times, but it obviously didn’t mean a whole lot and didn’t make much of an impression.  Now that I reside in North Dakota, the phrase means a whole lot more.  Complete interruption of routines, a really nice blast of arctic chill and so forth are the inevitable result of that phrase being used by one of our nearby weatherpersons.  Tonight it is 16 degrees or so, which is the warmest we have been in a while, but that is all about to change.  The clipper is due tonight and our high for tomorrow will probably be whatever temp we fall to right after midnight.  These are like so many other storms that nature dishes out.  You can’t prevent it and avoidance would be an overreaction, so it is best to just hunker down and wait it out.

In a way, life can be like that as well.  Sometimes we can see the storms of life coming and we know the pain and heartache that will come, but the only thing to do is to batten down the hatches and ride it out.  As a believer, I am thankful that I have a firm anchor for lifes storms.  Now, I just gotta turn on that bathroom heater upstairs so the pipes don’t freeze this time.

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2 thoughts on “The Infamous Alberta Clipper

  1. Should have read this the other day. Pipes froze in #2 daughter’s room. Must assess the damage. My fault for not checking your blog.

  2. Bummer about the pipes. We learned our lesson last year during a bad snap with wind chills at -60 or more. Had a pipe freeze in the ceiling above the kitchen for the upstairs bathroom. Actually it was about this time of year. One of the deacons came over and cut a nice hole in the ceiling and had to replace a 90 degree elbow that had cracked. We stuffed a bunch of insulation in the spaces up there around the pipes, which the mission team from Mississippi hadn’t thought to do(imagine that!). He also put a couple of small vents there so that hopefully heat from below could filter up a bit. So far this winter we are OK. I pray that your damage is light and you work isn’t too bad to fix the pipe.
    By the way, has the pipe thawed out already?

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