Twilight Zone Moments

Last week over at the InternetMonk site, iMonk wrote a post entitled The Question is God; the Answer is Jesus.  The essay was very pointed and made it plain that in Christianity, any talk about God must come to Jesus or it is essentially meaningless.  Imagine my surprise today to run across an article on WorldNetDaily discussing a guy who claimed to be a “Bible expert”, but says that Jesus is not God and didn’t claim to be.  Unsurprisingly the guy who makes this idiotic claim also refuses to reveal his true identity, preferring to go by the pseudonym “the Bible go-to-guy.”  This is probably the only wise decision he has made as it has kept him from becoming a laughingstock to everyone who knows him.  He insists that John 1:3 shouldn’t read the Word was God; it should read the word from God.  That said, it would still be hard to explain the times Jesus uses I AM to refer to Himself, which his audiences understood as a claim to deity.  In fact, they wanted to stone him for making that very claim (see John 8:54-59).  This “Bible go-to-guy” is a sham and a joke.

In other news, over the weekend I saw this story about Tim Tebow’s eye black message becoming a Google phenomenon.  I am amazed at the fact that so many people no longer have a clue what John 3:16 is anymore.  I remember those guys who used to be at every football game and lots of other sporting events holding up those banners that simply said John 3:16.  (Actually, Steve Taylor’s song Bannerman is still one of my all time favorites for this same reason).  The story got even funnier for me when I decided to include some of these anecdotes in my sermon on Sunday.  The first time I mentioned Tebow, I saw an interesting look on the face of a guy who was visiting our church for the first time.  I hadn’t gotten a chance to even get his name before the sermon, but I found out what the reaction was about afterward.  Turns out that he is from Florida and is stationed near here for about a year or so.  I don’t know what the odds are for a guy visiting a church in North Dakota from Florida and hearing talk about his favorite team very often, but it would have to be pretty low.  Suddenly, I could hear the music (insert Twilight Zone theme here).

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