Amped up Spirituality

There are times in life when you really want to hear God speak.  I know that I wished more than once in my life that God would just show up and say a little something and clear up all the confusion.  I have heard people say that they have heard an audible voice from God, but I can’t claim that myself.  I am not saying that people who claim to hear from God are delusional or just hyped up on too much caffeine, but I have no real frame of reference.  I have been following a discussion over at the InternetMonk site along these lines and I am still digesting it.  I know people who are spiritually sensitive enough that they “hear” better than me.  My sister is the best example I know.  I don’t want to embarrass her, so if she wants me to take the story down I will, but one example stands out in my mind to this day.  We were at a Razorback football game together once and the band was making their way around the field, so everyone was getting really loud and ready for the game, and my sister grabbed my arm and told me she really felt like we needed to pray for someone.  She didn’t know who or why; she just knew that someone needed prayer.  I am a firm believer in the power of prayer and have seen amazing things in that regard.  We bowed in prayer and for a moment tuned out the chaos and noise around us, and that would have been the end of the matter.  A couple of weeks later however, my sister mentioned to me that some friends of hers had recently had a medical emergency.  I asked her when it happened and it was at the same time as that football game.  She honestly hadn’t made the connection and was a little surprised I think.  I know plenty of people would discount this as coincidence or something else, but I was a part of it in a small way and it reminds me that God does amazing things if we are “tuned in” to hear Him.

In fact, God has done many things in my life that are far less dramatic, but just as important to my walk and faith.  I have recounted the many times that God has provided for us when we had reached the end of our resources.  I used to get the question from some of my youth on why God doesn’t do miracles today like He did in the Bible.  I think part of the reason is that most of us are uncomfortable with being in a position where if God doesn’t come through, we would be sunk.  Face it, if we are never in a position beyond our own ability to perform, we may never see God work in our life.  He isn’t interested in sharing His glory with anyone, and most of us would be far too tempted to take the credit if possible.

Do you think God still works miracles today?

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4 thoughts on “Amped up Spirituality

  1. internetelias

    Oh….yaaah…God still works miracles today….big ones and little ones. It took me a loooonnnnng time but I now TRUST GOD COMPLETELY. I PRAY ‘YOUR WILL BE DONE’ BECAUSE I TRUST HIM SO COMPLETELY. Almost daily I see lives being restored, redirected, and I have experiences one physical healing in the last year…my son. At age 35, due to blood work and a physical exam, he was told he had prostate cancer, lead poisoning from a work-related thing….and at the same time was devastated since his wife of nine years left him for someone else. Their daughter was 7 at the time. He went for the MRI concerning the cancer. Nothing was found. The doctor who did the physical exam came and asked for another MRI. Nothing was there. The doctor said, “I don’t understand. They should have found something. They redid the blood work…it was normal. My son said he didn’t think God healed him because, “God wouldn’t do that for me. I’m not good enough.” I smiled and said, “He would do that for me because I trust Him.” My son is physically, spiritually, and financially healthier than he’s been in years. I desire everything for my former daughter-in-law that I desire for my son. I see it accomplished through my faith. My former daughter-in-law and now..eight-year-old granddaughter lives with the ‘someone else’ and his children. I don’t wring my hands and worry. I continue to say “Lord, the battle is yours and my little granddaughter is safe in your loving hands.”

  2. The single biggest miracle that I’ve ever seen from God is that He has made a believer out of me.

  3. theold adam.. AMEN!
    Furry, you are killin me! Did you never once pray and feel peace beyond reason? Were you ever spurred to do or say something a little out of your rut?
    You say God has provided…well…
    I never heard God’s voice in an audible way, but has a verse of scripture hit you like a mack truck convicting you of something? Have you ever been in nature and just KNOWN there was a God? And felt Him near to you? That is how God speaks!

    I feel I am a walking miracle, cancer , car wrecks [too many] back operations, God provides in the strangest ways.

    One minute I was a heathen, case of beer , bottle of wine, bag of weed, the next minute, I believed to my core. I asked a mental question, “Why are snow flakes unique in construction” and the answer came, not in words but in knowledge, “Because that’s how I do it”. Or something like that, but REAL.
    Life has never been the same, and that was 33 years ago. I responded to the call in a biblical fashion. Like Jonah. 29 years of running and I now am a pastor. oh well.
    Check yourself, don’t look for loud, look for still, quiet.
    don’t look for shoves, look for nudges. let me know, I ‘ll bet the signs are there!
    oh sorry can’t bet, I’m Baptist.

  4. I hope I didn’t leave the impression that I never get any nudge or shove from God. Lord knows I wouldn’t have picked up the family and moved from Arkansas to South Dakota without one of those Mac trucks you mentioned. Actually, it is a funny story. I may have to do it as a separate post. But if you check out the link here, you can get an idea of what I mean. Suffice it to say that God can give you a sign, even a literal billboard sized one.

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