A Technical Embarrassment

I am sort of a tech geek.  I like messing with computers.  Heck my last couple of jobs before heading into the full-time pastoring ministry I now do were both computer and tech related in some way.  Sometimes I fail to give thought to making sure I am doing something the best way as long as I am doing it in a way that works, particularly in the area of technological stuff.  So, I was only a little surprised to realize that I have been overlooking a simple solution to one of my latest tech forays.

Lately, I started a blog-type site for the church so I could enable people who can’t make it to our services for whatever reason to hear the sermons if they wanted to (I can’t do the music because of copyright issues).  I found a place that hosts files and I figured I wouldn’t have any problems staying with the bandwidth and storage limits; until today.  I wandered on to the site to post the sermon file for this week and find that I am over my allotted bandwidth for today.  After puzzling over good solutions to the problem, and while working on the mp3 for the sermon file for this week, I discovered that changing the encoding for the sermon files would kill about four birds at once, not only the bandwidth but the storage and everything and save me from any solution that would involve shelling out money (I am still doing this on the free side of cheap).

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One thought on “A Technical Embarrassment

  1. I envy guys like you with techno smarts.

    I can’t program a vcr. I still have one! (’nuff said)

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