Sunday Morning 1/18/09

Here is the link for this week’s sermon. The text is from Romans 13.

I have made some changes to the way I handle the sermon files, so if you have any feedback, please put it in the comments for the post.  I am trying to limit the size of the file, both for ease of download and to avoid going over the limit on the site that is housing the files.  I went over the limit today, which surprised me and I want to apologize to any who were trying to listen to a sermon and couldn’t.  I should have the problem fixed for the time being.

Here is the notes from the bulletin insert for this sermon.

Submission and Love

Sermon Notes for 1/18/09 (Romans 13)

  1. Submission to authority – v. 1-7

    1. All authority comes from God (John 19-5-12)

    2. Is it ever OK to disobey? – Acts 4:13-22

    3. Why isn’t this contradictory? – Luke 12:1-12

    4. God is in control – v.4; Psalm 2

  2. It’s all about love – v. 8-10

    1. Love is the summation of God’s Law – v. 9-10 (Matthew 22:34-40)

    2. A simple checklist for OT laws

      1. Does it show love to _____________?

      2. Does it show love to _____________?

      3. If the answer to either is yes, then I must obey it. If the answer to both is no, then Christ has taken care of it.

  3. We have to know what time it is. – v.11-14

    1. Every day we live brings us closer to either God’s return or our departure.

    2. What does it mean to clothe yourself with the Lord Jesus Christ? v. 14

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