The ultimate oxymoron – Government intelligence

Somewhere in my younger years I was taught that it is better to be silent and have people think you are ignorant than to speak and remove all doubt.  Let this be and exhibit and an example of one who didn’t follow that rule.

I know there are lots of great people who work for government.  In fact, there are probably way too many great people that work for government.  I am sure that most people can’t quote the US population off the top of their head although I was able to guess within 25,000,000 or so.  Today, when I am happily browsing the headlines I see this, “500 million Americans lose jobs every month.”  My first reaction is wow, that would be a turbulent economy since there are like 250 or 300 million Americans period.  But thanks to youtube and the US census data(at the CIA) and the power of the internet, I can put all of the pieces together and wrap them with a bow.

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4 thoughts on “The ultimate oxymoron – Government intelligence

  1. One of the parties specializes in fear mongering.

    The one that is in control now. That alone is enough reason to be scared.

  2. somebody is in control in government? Really?
    Hey old adam, do you think the guy that counted the 500 mill was the same guy that counted the votes?

  3. Actually, I think that they were counting people who work 2 or 3 jobs and switch them around. Seriously. The whole country, every man, woman and child(even infants) almost twice over will lose their job in a month if we don’t do something. What a great argument. I have been reading a lot of arguments with no basis in reality lately. Maybe it is time I get back to my schoolwork.

  4. Willohroots,

    Has to be the same guy!

    I’m sure he hasn’t paid his taxes, either.

    He probably owes…500 million.

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