You can call me a Greek Geek

Well, I am almost half way through my current term at Liberty and it is going pretty well.  I just took my midterm in Greek language tools and scored a 96!  That is a relief.  My biggest worries at this point are completing the big exegesis paper that accounts for 50% of my grade in the next 4 weeks while keeping up with my NT survey class.  I will say this though.  I really benefit from the 8-week format classes.  It keeps me on track and on task for the most part.  My favorite part of the experience is the fact that I am able to take primarily classes that I love and want to take and end up with a basic MA degree.  I have no desire to get a MDiv or a DMin at all.  God would have to give me another billboard or something to get me to do that.  I will make a deal.  If Liberty University puts a billboard up in ND, I will sign on.

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9 thoughts on “You can call me a Greek Geek

  1. Liberty University. They keep calling me! What are you trying to get a degree in?

  2. I finished my bachelor’s degree with them through the Distance learning program last spring in Religion. Now I am working on a Master of Arts degree in Religion with a concentration in Biblical Studies.

  3. For what? For fun? Or for something in specific? What are you wanting to do with it?

  4. jeofurry I am a seminary-phobiac. don’t do this! They will replace your brain with a micro chip that will make you attracted to Tammy Faye’s makeup, and worse! Run while you can! Seminaries are cemeteries for free thought. What if they try to clone you! i have heard they use electro shock treatment for those who are not pre-trib dispies!
    Look for the signs, you will start to carry only a Scofield bible, the worse the world gets, the happier you become. You will begin to wear your clothes real loose so as to be Raptured with out a rash.
    Amiller’s will still be your brothers, your younger stupid misguided brother. At Liberty i have heard there is an 8 week class on the pronunciation of the name of the Savior, it is Jayyyughsusss, accent on the first and last syllable.
    If they take you, get a message to me, I will try to mount an escape before they implant the chip. Maybe delinquent Miner could tunnel you out. TH19, sound the charge, we must save him while there is yet hope!
    I need to find a holocaust cloak. I’m coming Jeff!.

  5. You can stand down the search and rescue party. I am taking the entire program from the comfort and security of my home so that no one can get near me with any microchip implanting devices. I will watch out for the warning signs that you mentioned though. Especially the Tammy Faye makeup one; I am not a guy who’s big on makeup at all so that would be a big alarm bell. : )
    Seriously, my main motivation for taking any seminary classes is to get the language courses that I can and get the intensive Bible study courses as well. I loved the Hebrew language tools class so much I wish I could take more of them. I am not the type that enjoys school really, but I have enjoyed the classes for the most part.
    P.S. It is too late on the cloning front and you can’t blame the seminary. My oldest boy isn’t an exact copy in every way, but he is an awful lot like me.

  6. Congratulations Jeff!

    I once got a 96 on a test.

    But it was out of a possible 600.

  7. I have always been a good test taker, particularly when they are multiple choice and true/false type questions. But the first test in any class is always an adventure.

  8. Just when I found a Holocaust cloak.
    Distance learning is great. I checked into attending the local preacher’s college, but my head would not fit in the Jar. They were and are Fundy premill Dispy’s on the legalist side with a laundry that puts way too much starch in their shorts. I have a lot of respect for Liberty.
    Don’t stare at the screen too long however, there could be subliminal messages wanting you to boycott disney, Pepsi, and eat cornbread while drinking tea that you know id just too sweet!
    I have no gift of tongues, I must look up each word. Takes a while to prepare a sermon. Koine is kool! Way to go!

  9. Will,
    That is too funny. You know back in the day when the SBC actually did boycott Disney, we broke the boycott big time. My wife and I had just gotten married and spent the first week of our honeymoon in DisneyWorld. But I am guilty as charged on cornbread and sweet tea. I was raised in the south after all.
    Besides, I look at my education as a chance to impact other students as well. I like to ask the tough questions in class discussions and watch for the head spins.

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