What If It Were You?

There were a couple of stories that I ran across today that have me grasping for words.  Both stories revolve around the abortion issue and called to mind a song I used to listen to by a Christian punk group.  The song was about Operation Rescue and it included the line, “what if they were killing you?”  I have never forgotten that song or the feeling in the pit of my stomach when I think about all of the babies that are murdered day after day in our world.

Today, there was a story of a 12 year old girl in Canada who took the opportunity of a speech contest to speak out about the issue.  You should absolutely go and watch the video of it.  The article I read with the video embedded is at WorldNetDaily.  She says in the video:

“What if I told you that right now, someone was choosing if you were going to live or die?” the seventh-grader begins in a video recording of her speech on YouTube. “What if I told you that this choice wasn’t based on what you could or couldn’t do, what you’d done in the past or what you would do in the future? And what if I told you, you could do nothing about it?”

All I could hear was the words of that song, “what if they were killing you?” over and over again in my mind.  Even I as type this, I am feeling somewhat melacholy and emotional.  But is that all I would do if my life were in danger?  This girl has the courage to speak out and the conviction of truth.  May her message reach many who need to hear it and may their hearts be softened by the conviction of the Lord to see the truth.

On the other end of the spectrum in some ways, is the story of a pastor in Oakland who is awaiting sentencing for holding up a poster that reads, “Jesus loves you and your baby. Let us help you,” outside an Oakland abortion clinic.  There is video of him as well.  It is incredulous to think that he was even found guilty as it is reported that one of the witnesses against him perjured herself on the stand.

We recently had the baby bottle drive in our church for the nearby pregnancy help center, and I am certainly outspoken about the tragedy of all of these murdered children.  But I find myself wondering if that is all I would be doing if it were me.  What do you think?  Is there more we can do?  What if they were killing you?

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6 thoughts on “What If It Were You?

  1. Jeff,

    Each of us does what we can, when we can. Some do more, some less. But the Lord uses all of it for His purposes.

    That you are a minister of the Word is about as active towards this end (God’s end) as anyone could be.

    Spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ, one person at a time, is about the most effective way that I am aware of to change someone’s heart from death to life. And this new life will spread, so that the culture of death will not have the last word.

    Keep up the good work, Jeff!

  2. yeah, you said it Old Adam, one soul at a time. Here is a question that is really really related. what do you do when a girl in the teen group gets pregnant? I have been in churches where this happened. Care to discuss it here? or should I make a post?. or both.

  3. Will,
    It is one of the big challenges in ministry. I think it is important for the people involved to acknowledge that what they have done is not right, and that some decisions we make have life long consequences. Teenagers forced to grow up too soon is hard, but it isn’t impossible. God can take the hardest of circumstances and work the most amazing results when we give them over to Him. I think it is important for the church to come alongside and love the boy and the girl and the baby and the families and everyone else connected.
    It is in these times, that the rubber meets the road and we find our greatest opportunity to live out what we say we believe. We all make mistakes and do things contrary to God’s ideal. When we run to Him, He brings us in with loving arms.

  4. Willohroots,

    I think Jeff is right on with his answer.

    Love her and let her know how much she is loved and forgiven by Christ.

  5. Gina

    One of my memories of my days with you here in Sunny Arkansas was sitting in a stadium somewhere. I cannot remember where we were… and you looked around at the seats and said “this is how many babies are being aborted every day.” It blew me away to take it in that. There is something about the enormity of the horribleness of abortion that just eludes people. They can coat it with whatever they like… but it doesn’t change that it is murdering a human life.


  6. I love you guys for the way you rally image Jesus. love is the answer. I was once told, you can’t let that girl come back to church, she will be a bad example to the other youth. Ya, all the girl will want stretch marks and needing to go pee every 4 minutes.

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