It Just Happened

Sometimes, when my kids do something here in the house that causes a problem I ask, “what happened?” or “how did this happen?”  Oftentimes, I get an answer that boils down to, “I don’t know” or “it just happened.”  I am a little too smart to fall for that.  With Darwin day or whatever it was having just passed here recently, I was reminded of the most famous instance of “it just happened” as an answer in history.  In all candor, I have almost always been skeptical of Darwin, because of my faith in God and because of His track record of being proved right over and over again.  But increasingly, my skepticism of Darwin is based on the fact that his theory hasn’t yet found a leg to stand on in all these years.  There are no transitional forms in the fossil record, that he said would have to be found.  And his tree of life is being chopped down by scientists.  But the main reason, I find the whole thing bizarre is that simple common sense tells us that complexity requires design.  Complex patterns and structures don’t just happen haphazardly and our human mind knows this instinctively.

I have been watching the season 3 trailers for Way of the Master.  They have several funny bits where they ask atheists on the street to make milk or honey starting with nothing.  The clips are on YouTube and are amusing to say the least.  And over at Ray’s old blog, he constantly gets into trouble with atheists for asserting that they believe that “nothing” made “something.”  They can’t stand it because it is absurd, but it is what modern science asserts.  Ray finally just gave them a link to a scientific study from Cornell that says it in plain English:

We can define the universe as everything there is, so in that case there is nothing outside of it. We also say that space and time both started at the Big Bang and therefore there was nothing before it.

Even that old 70s song knows this is impossible, “nothing from nothing leaves nothing” you know.  But this week I found another example of a person who sees order where there shouldn’t be any and assumes that someone (in this case citizens of the lost city of Atlantis) must be responsible.  Check out the article here, but this is the quote that caught my eye:

Bernie, 38, of Chester, said: “It looks like an aerial map of Milton Keynes. It must be man-made.”

Google today claimed the criss-crossing lines were sonar data collected as boats mapped the ocean floor.

But the internet giant said “blank spots” within the lines could not be explained.

Science has strayed far from its modern origins.  People like Newton, believed that an ordered universe was the product of a Creator who designed things in an ordered manner.  Scientific observation was and still is predicated on the idea that the order of things can be figured out and explained.  “It just happened” isn’t a good answer from my kids and it isn’t a better answer for the universe either.

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10 thoughts on “It Just Happened

  1. Science is getting pretty puffed up with itself.

    “Claiming to be wise they have become fools.”

    “Something from nothing…it just happened…”

    give me a break.

  2. Steve,
    Sometimes when I read Romans 1, I wonder if God had Paul write it just for our day and time. I know it applied back then, but I swear it sounds like he has heard some of these postmodern relativist people talk.

  3. ah, but nothing does not demand Worship and obedience. Nothing demands, …nothing….

  4. Ever see “the never ending story’? The nothing..

  5. Jeff,

    “… I know it applied back then, but I swear it sounds like he has heard some of these postmodern relativist people talk.”

    You got that right!

    And how!!

  6. “…ah, but nothing does not demand Worship and obedience. Nothing demands, …nothing….”



    Just the law of God…that’s all!

  7. Will,
    I actually like that movie. The funny thing is the nothing is wiping everything else out. I guess it is a modern morality tale perhaps. Maybe it is a story of wishful atheist thinking that is thwarted at the end.

  8. Jeff,

    Not to be a bubble burster, but I just began studying evolution not too long ago. I don’t know where I stand yet, but I do know that I pretty much do believe in some type of evolution. Whether its macro or micro, I dont know. But here’s an interesting site that I’ve been studying when I get the time. Maybe it’ll peak some of your interest. My friend challenged me to debunk at least one of those arguments. I haven’t been capable thus far.

    Give it a shot.

  9. Hope,
    I am guessing you haven’t looked very far yet. I can bust one for you right now.

    “As buds give rise by growth to fresh buds, and these, if vigorous, branch out and overtop on all sides many a feebler branch, so by generation I believe it has been with the great Tree of Life, which fills with its dead and broken branches the crust of the earth, and covers the surface with its ever-branching and beautiful ramifications.”

    This quote is at the top of the page at this link.
    I just wrote a post a couple of weeks ago showing that scientists have thoroughly discredited this notion. The post is linked from this one about Darwin’s tree of life. Check it out.

  10. I was looking at the first page of their discussion about common descent and ran across this jewel as well.

    Furthermore, because it is not part of evolutionary theory, abiogenesis also is not considered in this discussion of macroevolution: abiogenesis is an independent hypothesis. In evolutionary theory it is taken as axiomatic that an original self-replicating life form existed in the distant past, regardless of its origin.(emphasis mine)

    This means they aren’t going to even try to figure out what was there in the beginning, but they are going to “assume” that “something” was. It is a nice try to cop out of the biggest problem evolution faces; namely how did it get started! Thanks for the link to the site. It could be entertaining to shoot down a couple of these in blog posts.

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