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I Blame My Dad

Some things in life are inevitable.  One of those things is that we pick up characteristics and habits from our parents that we never wanted or intended to get.  I say this because I noticed that I am now typing my 300th post while simultaneously awaiting my 300th comment.  Anyone who knows my dad at all will be howling with laughter at this, and I can’t help but feel the irony that practically compelled me to write a post about anything at all for the occasion.  My dad seems to always notice odd patterns of numbers: on his odometer, on a calendar, and anywhere else you might find numbers.  In fact, he stunned me one day after I had borrowed his truck by asking me where else I had driven it besides the planned trip.  I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how he even knew, until he told me how many miles I had driven it.  So, in tribute to my dad and his influence in my life, here is a celebration of 300 posts.  If the 300th comment comes up here, I will laugh even harder.

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Why Do They Call It Common Sense. . .

When it isn’t all that common anymore?

Rush Limbaugh addressed CPAC over the weekend.  In a personal disclaimer, I am not a Republican or a Democrat.  I am not registered with a party at all, but would probably affiliate with the Constitution or Libertarian party if I ever did.  I voted for the Constitution party candidate in the last two elections in fact.  But this post isn’t about politics necessarily, rather it highlights a problem in our country in general.  This is a quote from the transcript of Rush’s speech over the weekend.  You can see the full transcript at his website.

Don’t be afraid to tell children that they’re wrong. They don’t know what you do. They simply haven’t lived long enough. It’s not their fault, but they’re being fed a bunch of garbage in school and don’t be afraid to tell them that they’re wrong.
Don’t go the Oprah route and say gotta be friends with my parents, my kids, first and foremost. Understand they’re going to hate you for a while and they’re going to rebel against you and someday they’re going to think you’re the smartest person they ever met. But you owe them the truth. You owe them the truth about things. You owe them the truth about morality. You owe them the truth about values.

. . .

Somebody says they want something that’s bad for them, do you give it to them just to be nice?  Or do you tell them, regardless of their age, no, you shouldn’t have that?  Well, it’s none of your business. Maybe not. And then you back out of it. But you still have to have the ability to tell people what’s right and wrong. And that’s not authoritative. That’s not authoritarian. And it’s not trying to deny somebody a good time. It’s not trying to interrupt somebody’s hedonism, pleasure, it’s about all of us with shared values trying to make sure that people live the highest quality lives they can. Ultimately, it’s their decision as to what they do.  But the point is, don’t treat them — especially voters — as kids just — they say they want it okay we’ll come up with a plan to give it to you.

Every good parent understands that you don’t just give kids anything and everything that they want.  Part of good parenting is knowing when to say no.  Part of living life that doesn’t end up on the rocks in disaster is knowing when to say no to yourself as well.

God didn’t give us the Law to put a cramp in our style or be a killjoy.  In fact, the Law was given to keep us from harm that naturally results from doing destructive things.  God’s Word is truth and we can’t softsell it or backpedal from it just because it might not be popular or acceptable to man’s “new” way of thinking of the moment.  It doesn’t work in life in any area, including politics.

The current mess in our country isn’t just the fault of goverment or Democrats or Republicans either; it is the fault of too many abandoning common sense and trying to give everybody everything they ask for and want.  Life doesn’t work that way.  There is no free gift that didn’t cost someone.  Even eternal life had a cost.  While you and I have been offered it freely, it cost Jesus Christ his life.

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