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A Slight Respite

It may not seem like it by the number of posts and comments I have churned out, but I haven’t had a lot of time to blog this past week. All blogging was done in the fine art of procrastination from the assigned task at hand. I was in the throes of a paper for a class that demanded a lot of energy and time and was worth 50% of my grade. Well, the paper is in the prof’s hands now and may he and God have mercy on my grade. I think I did fairly well, but it was a struggle at times. Now I have a week off before my next two classes start. I am taking the second section of the Systematic Theology class (where my sister and I may end up in the same class) and an Intro to Apologetics class together, so it ought to be interesting. Thanks for any out there who have been holding me up in prayer during this time.

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