Understanding Life

I can’t let this one go by without comment.  I was reading some news headlines today and ran across what has to be the dumbest statement of the year.  The headline declared, “Clinton: OK to experiment on ‘unfertilized embryos’.”  I can’t do justice to the idiocy of this with mere words, so I encourage you to follow the link to the story and embedded video and watch it for yourself.  This whopper of a misstatement comes in a interview with a doctor on CNN, who appears to have no desire to correct such an obvious falsehood.  Either he is OK with the idea of an “unfertilized embryo” being talked about as possible or med school is worse than I thought at teaching actual facts.  An embryo is created by fertilization, and thanks to scientific research we know that from that first moment that the sperm and egg meet and create an embryo the genetic map is completed.  Science could theoretically tell us through genetics, what color hair and eyes that child will have and how tall they will be and so much else.  Each embryo represents LIFE.  There is no such thing as an “unfertilized embryo” and using that language to make people feel better about killing a human life is unconscionable.  Embryonic stem cell research hasn’t show nearly as much promise as the research with adult stem cells has to this point either.  There is no rational reason to sanction the killing of life.  These people are just doing it because they can it seems.  It is wrong and we must be willing to say so.

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