What a Day

I stayed off the computer for most of the day today, because it was just not a priority.  We had the most amazing time of worship this morning.  I have the sermon audio posted at the church blogsite for anyone who wants to give it a listen.  The songs in the worship service have been incredibly in tune with what God is doing in my life and we have had wonderful fellowship as well.  I count myself blessed to be a part of this body of believers.

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4 thoughts on “What a Day

  1. See, this is why you need to include the music in your recorded section as well – even if people may feel tempted to skip the message then! 🙂

  2. Josh,
    There are two reasons right now that I don’t include the music. I am trying to keep it free for me to do this. If I put the music in, I would risk violating copyright laws unless I pay for CCLI or something like it. If it weren’t for that, I would do it in a heartbeat. The other reason is that my digital recorder doesn’t handle music very well.

  3. Well, that makes sense. I myself would never upload the audio of the music in our Services because all that people would hear is my own voice and I know my singing is atrocious!

  4. I hear ya, Josh. I wouldn’t have to worry too much about people hearing me sing, since I don’t normally lead the singing anymore. There are times I really wish I could include the song service as part of the recording. Our church really sings with a lot of heart most of the times(as long as they know the songs) and it is a blessing to hear.

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