A little lighthearted fun

No one can be serious all the time.  We have officially discovered spring here in North Dakota with the arrival of  temps over 50 degrees even as I write this post after sunset.  I was out trying to scrape icy slush from the driveway today, so spring is in the air.  With that in mind and in celebration of a new season, here are a few random thoughts and things to lighten your day.

One of my favorite restaurants/fast food places in all the world is Chick-fil-A.  Those who have never eaten there cannot possibly understand why this would be so, but those who agree with me that it may indeed be Chick-fil-A that will be catering at the wedding feast of the Lamb will know what I mean.  To that end, my sister found a video on Facebook that is specifically for people like me.  I don’t normally embed videos in the blog here, but I cannot resist this time.  Frankly, I only wish I had thought of this idea first because I have literally lived this song before.

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18 thoughts on “A little lighthearted fun

  1. Sadly , I am in a chick fil aless zone. I don’t know what I am missing. but I have Tastey-kakes!

  2. no white castle either, and I miss those, but man, bo we have the greatest pizza in the world. Must be all the Italians.

  3. Chick fil A is good. Took awhile before I could get there on a day they were open.

    When I was in Pittston, PA (I was 10) I remember the tasty cakes!

    My Aunts and Uncles would send them to us out here in CA.

    I should have you (Willohroots) send us some of that great pizza.

    You would not believe the garbage that people in CA eat and call pizza. It’s a crying shame.

    Never been to N. Dakota.

    My pastor worked there for awhile. His son now lives in Grand Forks.

  4. My favorite thing at Chick-fil-A is actually breakfast. There is nothing better than those chicken biscuits. McDonalds has recently tried to replicate it and it just isn’t the same.
    We have a pretty good pizza place here in town, probably nothing like the ones you are talking about Will. It is just a locally owned place, but they do good. The only “fast food” we have here in town is Dairy Queen.
    We usually eat out as a treat when we go to Grand Forks, which is about once or twice a month. It is about a 2 hour drive from here. What does your pastor’s son do in Grand Forks, if you don’t mind me asking?

  5. Jeff,

    I’ll have to get up there and try those breakfast chicken biscuits. Sounds delicious.

    My pastor’ son, Eric Anderson is going to UND for his masters in business.

  6. I almost asked if he was at UND. I can’t imagine another reason to go from California to Grand Forks. I didn’t know that UND’s business program was so acclaimed.

  7. I don’t know about the bus. program there, but I do know his mom is a big shot in the registrar’s office…so maybe he gets a break on the cost, or it was easy to get in (or something).

    He grew up in Minnesota and Peroria IL, and really didn’t care too much for life in So. Cal. where he lived for about the last 8 years.

  8. Oh, well that makes more sense then. I have been to the L.A. area once back in the early 90s and it was a great place to visit, but I don’t know if I could have lived there long term.

  9. So. Cal. has a lot of great things…and a lot of bad things.

    My family is here, and work. Otherwise we would seriously think of getting out of here.

    This place was about as close to heaven as you could get (before my time here) in the late forties and fifties, and sixties…but things change.

  10. What town are you in (or near) in N. Dakota? Is Grand Forks the nearest “big” city?

  11. My parents actually lived in Oceanside in the 60s, but moved to Arkansas in the early 70s because they could see the changes that were coming and decided to get out of dodge. I visited during Christmas break of 1991 and New Year’s 1992. So I was in town just before the riots. I actually visited the USC campus because I was thinking about attending school there, so I was right in the heart of the territory that got caught up in the rioting.
    Yes, Grand Forks is the closest “big” town in the US. We are about the same distance from there as we are from Winnipeg in Manitoba, Canada. I live in Langdon, which is fairly close to the border with Canada. We are about an hour north and an hour west of Grand Forks.
    Devil’s Lake is slightly closer but it doesn’t have as much as Grand Forks does.

  12. My wife works right next door to Oceanside, in Carlsbad. We’re up the road apiece in San Clemente.

    I think that I would love to live in a place like Langdon.

    I did live, for awhile, in the Los Padres National Forest.

    About an hour and half north of L.A.

    Had a cabin there, about 6,000ft elevation. Four seasons, pine trees, clean air, few people. It was pretty good while it lasted.

    God had other plans.

    Maybe before I die, I’ll get to North Dakota.

  13. If you ever find your way to northeast North Dakota, we have a guest room available. My recommendation for the best time to visit is mid-July. The canola is in bloom and there is nothing that I can say to describe the vivid yellow fields we have around here then. Plus it is the “warmest” weather of the year for us most of the time.
    Our little town is quiet and out of the way for the most part. People don’t usually come here by mistake. 🙂
    I like the idea of a cabin like the one you described. If I had a choice of a place to stay, that would be my type of place.

  14. Jeff,

    How very gracious of you to offer us a place to stay in your home. Thanks very much, Jeff! One never knows.

    My wife and I and the 7 kids appreciate it very much. 😀

    Just kidding. it’s just the two of us until she wises up… then it’ll just be me.

    I would love to see the canola fields in bloom! What a sight that must be!

    You are always welcome at our place, as well.

    It’s a small 1 br apt, but we are right on the ocean with an awesome view.

  15. I have tried to take pictures of the canola fields, but it just doesn’t do them justice. The really cool ones are the fields that have flax bordering them, with a purplish blue hue against the golden yellow. Impossible to give good words for that sight and it fills me with awe at the wonder of our God who made it all.
    Thank you as well for the gracious offer. We still have three small kids, so you might be a little overwhelmed for sure if I could ever take you up on it. So. Cal is a long way from here and our “vacations” tend to consist of visiting family once a year. We did get to go to Yellowstone just before we moved from the Black Hills to here a year and a half ago, but that was our only vacation in a long time.

  16. Our kids are grown and gone, but we hardly ever go on vacations. The last one was about 6 or 7 years ago.

    Three little ones! That’s terrific, Jeff.

    Well, the offer still stands. We love kids.

    You guys must have a lot of fun!

  17. I probably shouldn’t call them little anymore. Our oldest just turned ten a week ago and our youngest will be five in less than two weeks. The middle one is literally right in the middle age wise and is seven and a half. And yes, we do have a lot of fun. They can be a source of great amusement and laughter as well as frustration. Above all, they are certainly a gift from God.

  18. I know it’s a sin…but I envy you.

    Enjoy every moment…it goes by quickly.

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