In Need of Prayer

Update 9 – 8:00 pm on 3/28/09 – There is good news today.  The river level at Fargo actually dropped some today, but they are not out of the woods yet.  There was a lot of snow last week and more coming next week that may cause the river to rise again if the weather warms up enough.  Please continue to pray for a gradual thaw and for the river to drop.  There is a lot of pressure on the dike system and it has to hold for as long as a week or more, which is a lot to ask of a temporary dike.  I am going to drop this post into its regular spot for those who wish to check back for more updates.  I will start a new post if conditions warrant or if I have any urgent prayer requests from our friends in the flood zones.  God bless you for your prayers.

Update 8 – 12:10 am on 3/28/09 – There are quite a few evacuations taking place in the Fargo area now.  The river is at an all time high already and hasn’t yet reached its crest.  The city has done pretty much everything they can do and it is a waiting game for the most part now.  Our friends who are in the area are still there as far as I know at this point.  Please continue to pray for all of those people and for the dikes that they have erected.  The river is supposed to stay at its peak crest for 3 to 7 days, which is a long time for that entire system to have to hold out.  I will leave this post at the top of the blog for another day maybe, but will only update if I have any news to pass along.  Thank you again to all who are praying.

Update 7 – 11:20 pm on 3/26/09 – The news out of Fargo is grim.  I talked to one of our friends who is down there and they are making plans for possible evacuation.  The news reported that one of the hospitals in Fargo is evacuating 180 patients tonight to other hospitals as far away as Minneapolis and Sioux Falls and Bismarck.  There have already been evacuations in some of the south neighborhoods.  The river is now projected to crest above all historic levels and the dike systems that have been put in place may not be high enough.  They are trying to add another feet of height to the entire wall in the next 24 hours.  Please continue praying for those who are working so hard.

P.S.  My heavy use of italics for these updates appears to have affected the page somehow.  If you view a post individually, it still looks correct.  Also, there are a couple of more recent posts on other subjects below this one on the page.

Update 6 – 5:30 pm on 3/26/09 – The snow has been persistent here today and I had the snow blower out for the second day in a row just so I could get out of the driveway.  I know it is also snowing the the river valley, which is hurting sandbagging efforts.  There is a story from Baptist Press that their disaster relief teams are at the ready when needed.  The people they are talking about in this story are good friends of mine.  I have told them that we want to be in the loop to help the disaster teams if we can.  Please continue to pray for the workers in the Fargo area who are sandbagging in terrible conditions to try and meet a record flood prediction.  There is a no travel advisory around Fargo due to snow and blowing snow, so it is difficult for extra resources to arrive for help.  I will keep this post at the top of the page, so look further down for additional posts unrelated to the flood to come later today.  God bless.

Update 5 – 11:30 pm on 3/25/09 – I found a link to a flood cam at Grand Forks thanks to another blogger that I follow who lives in Bismarck.  You can check out one of her posts about it here with more links to stories. This bridge is one we have crossed many times.  There is a Cabela’s store just over this bridge that is probably near the center of the view on the other side of the bridge.  Word now is that the levels in Fargo may now exceed the levels seen in the 1997 flood, which would be very bad.  They used explosives on the ice jam in the river in Bismarck to break it up today and the news said that 1500 had been evacuated there.  The Red River valley area from Fargo on is supposed to get a break from precipitation for the next few days, so they should be able to keep sandbagging.  We are supposed to get more snow here through tomorrow, but don’t know totals yet.  Traveling was very difficult today, particularly in town, due to drifting snow.  Thank you again for your prayers for all of those affected.

Update 4 – 12:30 pm on 3/25/09 – I almost feel silly doing these updates, because the main problems are far away from us, but I want to keep those who follow this blog and are praying updated as well.  There is good news to report in that the storm didn’t hit as hard as it could have and actually gave enough good weather breaks to allow more sandbagging.  We have gotten prayer requests from sister churches in south Bismarck, where the Missouri river has left its banks because of an ice jam.  The flooding there was pretty sudden.  Also our sister churches in Fargo are working hard in the communities to help prepare and some are now saying that the river crest there could be higher than it was in 1997.  Thanks again to all who are praying and may God bless you.

Update 3 – 10:44 pm on 3/24/09 –I am going to try and make this post stay at the top of the front page here for those who are interested in checking for updates.  Meanwhile I plan to post some other stuff below it.  The weather was pretty good for most of the day, but the rain and snow have started back, particularly to the south of us where it is not needed at all.  Fargo is still sandbagging and there were students from the Grand Forks area schools both college and high school who are traveling down to help sandbag.  The roads are treacherous and no travel is advised in any direction from where we are and through much of the state.  The weather guy on one local station mentioned that the entire state of North Dakota was under a flood warning earlier today, and that there are now two counties in the state not under a flood warning.  I haven’t seen a large “ark” shaped vessel yet, but if I do, I will get pictures.  I want to thank everybody for your continued prayers for those around the state who are already involved in flooded areas and those who are threatened by flood waters.  I plan to put up a post with pictures of the amount of ice around our house .

Update 2 – 12:02 pm on 3/24/09 – Thank you for the prayers.  Against the predictions it appears that the pinwheel of the storm has lost some steam.  The Fargo and Grand Forks areas are not getting any rain from this system at the moment and we aren’t even getting any snow.  It is however snowing a lot to our west.  We are still supposed to get something from the storm later tonight and tomorrow and there is still a lot of flooding danger.  It appears the water in our basement is from seepage during the thawing and not from rain.  There isn’t much we can do about it really at this point.

Update 11:13 PM on 3/23/09 – We found water in our basement a little while ago.  It is nothing major, but it has definitely ruined some carpet pieces we put on the concrete floor over a year ago.  They are soaked through and there are some areas of standing water.  I also talked to one of the people from our church who is currently living in Fargo and they were bailing water last night because of a plugged drain line from the sump pump at their place.  Thank you all so much for your prayers.

For all of those who are willing and able to go to the Lord in prayer for our little corner of the world, I would ask that you please do so.  We are under a flood warning and there is talk that the Fargo and possibly Grand Forks areas may be subjected to severe flooding this coming week.  It is being talked about in reference to 1997 when severe flooding hit this same area.  Our home and surrounding area close to here will likely not be as affected, but there is some danger I suppose even still.  Tonight’s newscasts had lists of communities that are already restricting or stopping water usage either to avoid overtaxing the sewer systems or because their water system has failed in some way already.  The spring thaw is being married to a potent weather system over the next couple of days.  Please pray for those who are already affected and for those who may yet be affected.  Pray also for those working to erect the flood barriers to minimize the damage.

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17 thoughts on “In Need of Prayer

  1. 2feetonearth1inthestars

    My prayers are with you!

    God Bless you and Keep you and everyone safe

  2. You and others in your area surely have my prayers. : )


  3. Melissa and Karen,
    Thank you both for your prayers.

  4. We’re praying for you folks in North Dakota and surrounding states that may also be affected.

  5. Adam

    Ah! I didn’t realize you’re from North Dakota. From a former NoDak dweller (Mandan) to a current one, you will all also be in my prayers.


  6. praying for you!

  7. Steve, Adam and Jill,
    Thank you to you all as well for your prayers and comments. Tonight is when the real trouble starts for those south of us. We have rain and a winter storm both hitting. Fargo sounds like the biggest place that is worried at this point and we have friends living there who used to attend our church here in little old Langdon. I will try and add an update or two along the way tonight and tomorrow.

  8. Adam,
    It’s a small world after all. We have been to Mandan a few times and stayed overnight in the Seven Seas inn down there when we moved from the Black Hills to Langdon.

  9. Adam

    I would be lying if I said I remember much as we moved when I was nine (my dad was in the Air Force). I have very, very fond memories of North Dakota, though. It’s the only place I ever played outdoor hockey and the people were just so nice, dontchyaknow. 🙂

  10. Uffda! The Air Force has made more people into North Dakotans than any other reason I would bet. Our excuse is that God sent us here. But we do love it here. We have some of the best folks in our church and community.

  11. Praying for you, brother. Looks like a bunch of people should have filled up their rain barrels.
    We deal with flood here often, so far I have rebuilt the church building’s basement twice. keep us posted on conditions.

  12. Will,
    Thanks so much brother. I went down to the basement here at the house about 30 minutes ago and discovered that we have some random water seepage down there. It isn’t anything dangerous yet, but it is a pain.

  13. Thanks for the updates.

  14. Stll praying.

    Praise the Lord and pass the sandbags (I guess).

    I hope you and everyone will stay as dry as possible.

  15. Adam

    Thank you for the updates, Jeff. I, and I’m sure everyone else, will continue praying for North Dakota.

  16. We haven’t forgotten you, Jeff. Nor the good folks in your area. We are still praying for all of you.

  17. Steve,
    I appreciate it. I am not directly in the flood path, but I know so many who are and I feel helpless to do anything for them other than to pray at this point.

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