Daily Archives: March 27, 2009

Writing from the Heart

The scariest thing about writing songs for me is turning them loose for other people to hear.  I have found a way to record songs “demo style” at the church using the same method that I use to record sermons essentially.  When I listen to myself sing on the recording I am reminded why most people don’t like to hear themselves on recordings.  I would think I should have gotten used to it doing radio all of those years, but I don’t know if you ever do.  Your voice just doesn’t sound right when you hear it in playback because you are hearing it from the outside.  For everyone else, it sounds exactly normal (it’s the way they normally hear it), but for the person who recorded it, it sounds funny.  I think this is the same reason that movies stars don’t watch themselves on film generally and why nobody likes to look at themselves in photos either.

But God has given me some inspiration to write a couple of songs lately, and while the recordings are pretty rough sounding to me.  I wanted to share one of them here if anyone who reads regularly was interested in hearing them.  I have titled this song “Drowned in a Flood of Tears.”  Fair warning that my piano playing isn’t the greatest and I know this has a couple of spots I want to fix and rerecord already.

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