Writing from the Heart

The scariest thing about writing songs for me is turning them loose for other people to hear.  I have found a way to record songs “demo style” at the church using the same method that I use to record sermons essentially.  When I listen to myself sing on the recording I am reminded why most people don’t like to hear themselves on recordings.  I would think I should have gotten used to it doing radio all of those years, but I don’t know if you ever do.  Your voice just doesn’t sound right when you hear it in playback because you are hearing it from the outside.  For everyone else, it sounds exactly normal (it’s the way they normally hear it), but for the person who recorded it, it sounds funny.  I think this is the same reason that movies stars don’t watch themselves on film generally and why nobody likes to look at themselves in photos either.

But God has given me some inspiration to write a couple of songs lately, and while the recordings are pretty rough sounding to me.  I wanted to share one of them here if anyone who reads regularly was interested in hearing them.  I have titled this song “Drowned in a Flood of Tears.”  Fair warning that my piano playing isn’t the greatest and I know this has a couple of spots I want to fix and rerecord already.

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17 thoughts on “Writing from the Heart

  1. George Musgrave

    Jeff, Your mother and I listened to your song this morning. Sounded pretty good and the lyrics were very nice, but they made your mom cry

  2. George Musgrave

    Looks like I still can’t spell very good

  3. Thanks dad. I am glad you guys liked it. By the way, I fixed your extra letter. : )

  4. Dr. Paul W. Foltz

    Any relation to Howard and Naomi Musgrave, Missionaries to Venezula since 67/

  5. Dr. Foltz,
    I don’t know that I am related to them in any way. It is possible, but it would probably be a distant relation.

  6. Jeff,

    It’s really too bad we are so far apart. Would love to play guitar with you on this tune!

    I have to say first off, the piano sounds great. However you recorded it, I wouldn’t change it, except maybe just a touch of reverb.

    Your voice has a familiar quality to it, like someone’s I’ve heard before. Can’t place it. Maybe a little Joe Cockeresque?

    Great job, brother.

  7. Joe,
    That would be fun. I am a much better guitar player than I am a piano player, but these last couple of songs I have written just wouldn’t sound right on guitar only. I have some recording software that I might try to use someday to “punch up” the songs a little more. I didn’t think to add reverb, I just put it through some compression.

    As for who I might sound like, I have no idea. If I could chose to sound like someone, I would probably mimic Rich Mullins. Back when I did a little bit of sports talk radio and radio in general, people used to tell me I sounded like Tony Snow on the radio. So maybe I sound like Tony Snow would have sounded singing. 🙂

  8. I love the piano, what a great melody! i need to hit it again to get all the lyrics clear, but what I heard was really good!. The best part is that your love for Jesus comes clearly through the song. You are greatly gifted, much must be demanded.

  9. Will,
    Thank you so much. I am glad you like it. I will be the first to admit that the lyrics might be hard to understand. It is partly a function of the way I recorded it and partly a problem I have at times enunciating my words when singing.

    The best part is that your love for Jesus comes clearly through the song.

    That is the best compliment I could ever hear. I pray that people hear and see His love through me.

  10. Nice job, Jeff!

    The Lord has blessed you with many talents! And you are making the most of them!

    Need an agent?

  11. Steve,
    Do you know an agent who works on the cheap?
    If I could earn money from singing and earn my keep that way, it would be a blessing to my ministry as a pastor. But, that sort of thing is in God’s hands. I write and sing for the same reason that I preach and minister. It is “in” me and I can’t do anything else.
    Thanks for your kindness both here and at your blog.

  12. Jeff,

    I’ll ask around. My pastor used to be a pro musician (a long time ago) . His manager was Casey Kasem of ‘America’s Top 40’ fame.

    Another guy at church is active in music and knows a bit of the ropes.

    Maybe these guys will have some good ideas.

    YOU are the kind one! Thank you, Jeff!

  13. Steve,
    If you do find someone and they would like to hear more stuff, I have other songs recorded that I can send as well. Bless you my brother.

  14. Jeff,

    Terrific Jeff!

    Let me see what I can find out .

    I’ll let you know. Since these guys still have their day jobs, the news may not be all that great…but one never knows until one gives it a go.

  15. Steve,
    Thanks. No matter what the news, I appreciate the thought. I know that things are in God’s hands in any case.

  16. Jeff,

    If I could give any suggestions, at all…is that I couldn’t particularly understand all of the lyrics. Not sure what you can do to improve that…but that was really the only flaw.

    Good job though, really.

  17. Thanks Hope,
    I am trying to figure out if it was the way I recorded it or just the way I sing. I know I sometimes am hard to understand when I sing. I plan to try and rerecord sometime, maybe with my multi-track software and see if I can fix it.

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