A Few Random Pieces Sewn Together

This week has the potential to be pretty crazy.  There is still the threat of flooding in the south and now they are dealing with a monster snowstorm for the second week in a row down that way as well.  For those who might be wondering how the flood situation stands, the rivers have receded some thanks to the cold last week.  This week may warm up a bit and the extra snow isn’t expected to impact anything right away, but there is talk that the river will probably crest again in mid-April.  That is kind of tough news for all of those fighting the floodwaters now.

So far the flood hasn’t had a big impact.  There was a breach at a Lutheran school campus in town, but it was contained to the campus itself and only damaged a couple of buildings.  In a way, it was a testimony of God using the worst for the best as the principal of the school was brought to a couple of briefings and was able to testify about God’s provision and care for them during this time.  According to one of our state staff, “Yesterday morning on live t.v. at the daily city briefing, the school board president gave glory to Jesus Christ for His faithfulness to them. His testimony has been the talk of the town since.”  The main concern right now is the stability of the dikes during this current storm and possible high winds that it is bringing along with a possible foot of snow.

The people we know in the danger zone are all doing well.  Some of the Southern Baptist disaster relief teams are already in the area preparing meals and such.  Please pray for all of those who are in these areas.

The service yesterday was really good as well.  We had a time of prayer for the flood areas before the preaching started.  I am still managing to preach for nearly 40 minutes at a stretch, which is baffling to me.  Yesterday’s sermon was on 1 Corinthians 10, but I had to save part of the chapter for further treatment with chapter 11 and part for chapters 12-14.

Yesterday was also our youngest child’s fifth birthday, which is a milestone of sorts.  She is quite the “big girl” now.  She happens to share a birthday with a lady in our church and so this year and last year has asked to do a joint birthday party.  It is quite a sight.  We have a few kids running around the house along with some of the older folks from our church all gathered to celebrate two birthdays.  My daughter tried to invite almost everyone in town to come and certainly everyone in church that she saw.  It was a fun day.

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2 thoughts on “A Few Random Pieces Sewn Together

  1. Happy (belated) birthday to your daughter, and the lady at church!

    It sounds like you had a wonderful time!

    Keep up the good work in support of the flood victims and workers. We will pray that things can get back to normal soon, and through it all, the Lord will work to bring those whom He will, to Himself.

    40 minutes of preaching? Wow! After 20 minutes, our pastor starts to lose us. God bless you and your congregation!

  2. Steve,
    Thanks for the birthday wishes. I will pass them along to her.

    I am planning on doing a follow up post on the flooding, now that the main part of the danger has passed.

    You would think I might lose some folks (and I probably do) when the 12 noon sirens go off and everyone knows what time it is, but I have found that some people don’t even hear it all the time. I am blessed with a great congregation. Maybe I just need to start biting off smaller chunks of Scripture.

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