Throwing Glass Bricks at Stone Walls

I know this is counter to the old traditional saying of not throwing rocks when you live in a glass house, but I think some corners of the world have moved on from such a quaint concept.  Then again, I could just title this, let he among you who has perfect theology cast the first aspersion.  Living in a glass house implies that you see what is going on around you and are lobbing stones at them without regard to the safety of your dwelling.  Instead, I see people who live safely within a stone dwelling, unable to really see what other people say or mean, who are still all too willing to throw “glass bricks” that really only shatter and inflict internal damage while they wonder who put all the glass shards on the floor.

It’s quite possible that this is mostly an online phenomena, but I have seen it happen in real life from time to time as well.  It just seems that the anonymity of the internet makes it so much easier to engage in than it would be face to face.  I find it easy to recognize because I have been so good at doing it in the past.  Even now, I wonder how the tenor of this post will be taken, but I am honestly sick of the internal squabbles of people who are proclaiming the name of the Lord Jesus Christ as their Lord and King with others who are most likely brothers and sisters in the family.

Somehow I missed the verse in the Bible that claims if one’s theology isn’t perfect, they will be eternally damned.  In just the last week, I have seen no fewer than five instances of Christians coming to verbal blows over “non-essentials” of the faith (i.e. not pertaining to salvation) and it is starting to make me sick.  A lost world is watching and is standing in judgment as God has given them grounds to do in John 13:34-35, “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”

In all candor it has taken me many hours to complete this post, because I don’t want to violate the spirit of it with the tenor of it.  It is necessary and loving to confront error and to correct issues, but it is no longer love when we casually throw the label of heretic or heathen around in the process.  Instead we are throwing glass bricks that will only harm us as they smash off the walls of our secure stone fortress of surety.

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5 thoughts on “Throwing Glass Bricks at Stone Walls

  1. Jeff,

    I think you are absolutely correct.

    We should always strive to reprove with love and to keep our squabbles out of the eyes and ears of non-believers, lest we be a stumbling block to them.

    Excellent post.

    Thank you. Now get outta here you crazy knucklehead!! Oh…this is YOUR BLOG! 😀

    I guess I’m outta here….(for now)

  2. Steve,
    It is good to see you back to regular commenting. I appreciate your spirit and desire to communicate in a loving way with brothers and sisters in the Lord, both here and particularly at your blog as well.

  3. Jeff,

    Thanks, my friend…I feel the same way about you!

  4. Jeff,

    Great post. Had to be said. Truly, I need to curtail my blog reading, For the past several months, every time I run across a new Christian blogger I’m jumping on the RSS feed. I suppose it’s to build relationships but in some instances, I’ve found that the result is what you’ve described.

    I’ve attempted to use more wisdom of late in responding to posts that I “know” will generate some flames. Yes, we should admonish and correct brethren who are in error on critical doctrine, but as it says in Proverbs 6:24–and I think I got this from iMonk’s site–“Do not answer a fool according to his folly, Or you will also be like him.”

    Another one that I like that speaks to this is Proverbs 20:3: “Keeping away from strife is an honor for a man, But any fool will quarrel.” Sadly, there has been too much strife at a lot of Christian blogs and it should not be so.

    Thanks Jeff!

  5. Joe,
    I know exactly what you mean. I am pretty careful about what blogs I try to read on a consistent basis.
    This post was partly inspired by the kerfuffle over the iMonk thing with the SBC blog madness polls and partly inspired by some of the mean discussions elsewhere that I have run across just recently.
    I can’t tell you the number of times that I have written a comment for a blog somewhere and just decided not to post it on sober reflection because I knew that it wasn’t going to help anything to say it. It mainly depends on the attitude of the blog. I have said some things at Steve’s blog that I felt needed to be said that I wouldn’t say at other blogs because they wouldn’t be understood in the same spirit.
    I pray that as Christians, we find a way to contend for the faith for those who are drowning and dying before we start asking people to jump from one lifeboat to another.

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