A Little Spring in My Step

Actually, this is just a post to have a little ironic fun.  After the iMonk irony and the ironic weather we have been having.  I am just feeling it right now.  Last night before Bible study, we dug a snow cave in the drift behind the church.

Spring in Langdon

Spring in Langdon

Yes, that is me peeking out of the cave.  I made it bigger after I got out and got photos of Amelia and the kids.  I put them on Facebook last night with the “ironic” title of Spring 2009.  This drift is about half composed of the snow that was left from the melting combined with a drift of a foot or two of extra snow this week.  In reality, we only got 4 inches or so of snow, but the drifts in this spot are amazing to behold.  In this picture, I am still about a foot over the actual ground.  This drift is literally about a foot and a half from the church’s back door, which no one really uses much.  It is all going to have to either melt or get cleared out before next Friday when we host the community Good Friday service (which is another small irony since I have never even attended a Good Friday service before).  But the approach of Easter in April signals a change to Spring and renewal and puts a little extra “spring” in my step.

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2 thoughts on “A Little Spring in My Step

  1. Great shot, Jeff!

    Maybe there is something to this global warming after all! (warmer snow)

    Good Friday services are awesome.

    After all, there is no resurrection without that death. For Him…or for us.

  2. Steve,
    It kind of reminds me of the empty tomb. When there is no one in the snow cave, that is what it looks like. If I just had a stone big enough to put next to it and roll away.

    I am really looking forward to the Good Friday service. Because of the way things are timed, we are going to do a Seder dinner at church in place of our Thursday night Bible study this week and then celebrate the Crucifixion on Friday night and the Resurrection on Sunday morning. It will be almost like we are there.

    Thank you Steve, for that reminder about the importance of the dying before we can live.

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