Sunday Morning 4/5/09

I haven’t gotten any feedback one way or the other on the new system for listening to the sermon, so I am going to stick with it.  Click on the play icon below to listen to the sermon on this page.  Click here if you wish to download it as a podcast.

Everything is in Order

Sermon Notes for 4/5/09 (1 Corinthians 11)

  1. A chain of authority

    1. Paul is plain about the authority of Christ over men and men over women

    2. Some of the instructions here are cultural, but not all

    3. Men and women are equal in God’s eyes – see Gal. 3:28

  2. Maintaining order and unity

    1. These people had some issues, but don’t we all.

    2. The way they messed up the Lord’s Supper was by their attitudes and actions – through division and selfishness

    3. The Lord’s Supper is a meal – not a wafer and a small cup

  3. What is the Lord’s Supper really about?

    1. It is a participation – Koinonia –

    2. Christ’s body and the Afikomen

    3. Do this in remembrance –

  4. Warnings about eating the Lord’s Supper the “wrong way”

    1. The word for discerning speaks about judgment and the same word is translated with both words in v. 29 and 31

      1. This word is also used to speak about doubts

    2. Paul brings this back to the original problem of v. 17-22

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