Good Friday Sermon

Our church was the site for the community Good Friday service this year.  I am posting the audio of the sermon.  It is much shorter that my normal Sunday morning ones have been of late, but I thought that the Word from God was powerful to my heart.  I pray that you may be blessed by it as well.  There are no notes for this sermon.  I did include the closing hymn, because I believe it is no longer under copyright, but if I am mistaken and someone tells me otherwise, I will remove it.  The hymn was Jesus, Keep Me Near the Cross, for those who know it.  It is kind of hard to make out the words as the congregation sings, but take my word for it, that whole room was ringing with the wonderful sound of God’s people praising His name.

Listen by clicking play above or follow this link to download it as a podcast.

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2 thoughts on “Good Friday Sermon

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