Sunday Morning 4/12/09

Here is the sermon audio from Sunday morning.  Sorry to be so slow with getting it put up.  I had some schoolwork that had to be completed.  We had a good Resurrection Day at church.  We had a few new visitors and a lot of familiar faces as well.  The player seems to be working for folks since I have had no complaints otherwise.  So you can play the sermon below or click on this link for the downloadable version as a podcast.   May God richly bless you this week, because Jesus lives and is risen.

The Resurrection is Everything

Sermon Notes for 4/12/09 (1 Corinthians 15)

  1. This is the most important thing Paul has written to them about

    1. This may be the earliest written record of Jesus’ resurrection

    2. Paul is giving an appeal to eyewitness testimony

    3. Paul spells out the gospel as the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ as it was explained by Scripture (O.T.)

  2. Without Jesus’ resurrection, there is no Christianity at all

    1. A denial of the resurrection is a deathblow to the Christian faith.

    2. Jesus resurrection is a confirmation of His identity

    3. The baptism of the dead?

  3. What kind of body do we get?

    1. The analogy of a seed to a plant

    2. The comparison of Adam’s body to Jesus’ body

  4. The joy of the Last Trumpet

    1. Not everyone will die before the resurrection

    2. Some will be changed at this trumpet sounding

    3. Jesus has taken the sting of death away for all

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