Sunday Morning 4/19/09

Here is the sermon audio for this Sunday morning.  Click on the play button below to listen from here or click on this link for downloading the sermon as a podcast.  I have also included the sermon notes for those who like to follow along that way.  This sermon covers 1 Corinthians 12:1-11 and is primarily about spiritual gifts and their use within the body of Christ.

Spiritual Giftedness

Sermon Notes for 4/19/09 (1 Corinthians 12:1-11)

  1. The place and use of spiritual gifts within the body of Christ

    1. Verse one refers to spiritual things not specifically gifts

    2. Paul gives a reminder about our knowing our brothers and sisters in the Lord

    3. Paul is talking about gifts, service and activities that all work together in the body of Christ, the Church (v. 4-7) see Romans 12:6-8 for another list of gifts

  2. Paul’s list of spiritual gifts

    1. Wisdom

    2. Knowledge

    3. Faith

    4. Healing (Matthew 24:24)

    5. Working of Miracles (Rev. 13:1-4, 12-15)

    6. Prophecy

    7. Discernment

    8. Speaking in tongues – this gift is dependent on interpretation

    9. Interpreting tongues – this gift is only needed with tongues speakers

  3. All gifts, service and activities must work in harmony or there is no point to any of them – v. 11

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