News from the Flood Zones

We are at the Pulse Evangelism conference in Fargo right now and we spent the afternoon session going out to the areas that were under the mandatory evacuation orders last month to hand out packets that had gift cards for people to use for necessities.  There is no cost to those who get them, our convention and some local businesses have worked together to make this possible.  It was such a blessing to be a small blessing in someone’s life.  It was cold and rainy out this afternoon, but we didn’t mind.  I think there were about 70-100 people that went out to help hand these out today.  They were handing them out yesterday as well and the churches here in Fargo will keep working to get the to as many people as possible.  Pray for those people who are still getting over the flood.  There is a lot of cleanup to do yet.  I have some pictures of the dike in the neighborhood we visited.  The dike still goes down the middle of the street as you can see in the pictures.  It has been opened to make a way for people to get to neighborhoods that were on the other side of the dike.  There were still dikes up on the interstate on-ramp and offramp that we took and along the interstate itself.  The flood waters are slowly receding, but the cleanup will be long and hard.  Thanks for all of your prayers for those who have fought the flood fight.  Here are three pictures that I took

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3 thoughts on “News from the Flood Zones

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  2. God bless you and your church, yu can’t have an open heart and a closed wallet.

  3. Will,
    Thanks for the encouragement. I agree with you that giving is a reflection of our heart. I have missed seeing you around. Is everything going OK? I was afraid the squirrels had gotten you.

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