Random Friday Musings

I have a post that I am planning to let out this weekend regarding Walter Williams column on Wednesday about laws as a modern replacement for civility and the failure it has wrought.  But before I let the serious stuff go, there is a couple of fun musings that I wanted to share.

You can tell that it is supposed to be getting warmer.  The boys are signed up for baseball and AllieRose is signed up for t-ball and I have volunteered to help coach again this year.  With the approaching of golf season here in the great northern tundra, I was amused to run across this story about a one-eyed, one-armed man who shot a hole-in-one recently.  Of course his reaction was great:

He explained: “We spent five minutes looking but didn’t want to hold up the next group so we moved on. When those behind us saw the ball in the hole. I was stunned.”

Alan, who has a handicap of 28, said: “I took up golf because it is one sport where the rules are the same if you are disabled.” And sheer guts is no handicap…

I guess I can no longer use the one-eyed depth perception problem as an excuse for my golf game.  Although, I was reminded when hitting a couple of balls today, how much it helps to have another set of eyes to watch where my shots go.

The other funny for today is thanks to Joe over at May He Increase.  In his current edition of Friday links, he has the funniest 404 page I have ever seen.

On a more serious note, if you haven’t seen this post on A Dozen Sayings of Jesus That Will Change the World at Cerulean Sanctum, you should check it out.  It is one of the most challenging reads I have found in a while.  I am still processing it myself and may write more about it when I can say somthing more cogent than right on brother.

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5 thoughts on “Random Friday Musings

  1. Thanks Jeff for the “link love.” I really need to update my 404 page to that one or put in a few tweaks of my own. How funny would that be?

    And I remember Dan’s post that you linked to as well. Man, I’m always so humbled by his blog. Whenever I go there I just think “Man, I’m so dumb.” Kidding. But serious, Dan is a really super smart guy. I like him a lot.

  2. Jeff thanks for the direction, all great reads.
    I say this in love, golf will take a lot of perfectly good fishing time away.

  3. Will,
    If I were a fisherman, that would be true. The only fishing I do is for men; and I can do that at the golf course. Golf is my best form of relaxation, because I have learned not to take it too seriously. I just enjoy the fresh air and the random good shot when it happens. Which also allows me to share a funny golf joke I read at WorldNetDaily today.

    A golfer slices his shot badly, walks down the fairway and starts thrashing through the underbrush looking for his lost golf ball.

    He spends half an hour hunting, works up a sweat and is hot and dirty, and is just about to give up.

    All the while a little old lady has been watching him from a nearby bench where she’s sitting and knitting.

    “Excuse me,” she hesitantly breaks into the golfer’s silence. “But is it against the rules if I tell you where it is?

  4. couldn’t find a way to email you. could you shoot me an email? I would like to continue the discussion and answer your question on Rom 5.

  5. Forgot to say that the conversation was on The Old Adam Lives site a few days ago. Just wanted to pick up where we left off.

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