Just a Couple More Days

For those (my handful of loyal readers) who keep checking back to see if I have gotten around to any more posting, I am almost out of the woods.  My research paper (on the Rapture) is almost in the can and I have two finals to take and then I will be clear.  It all has to be done by Midnight EDT on Friday in any case, so I will try and get some real stuff posted this weekend for sure.  I have been updating my progress on Facebook for those who follow there, and the status updates appear on the top right corner of the blog here for those who don’t do Facebook.

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5 thoughts on “Just a Couple More Days

  1. A strong conclusion to the Rapture. that is funny. I would really benefit from getting a read on that. I have been so influenced by so many different schools of eschatology that I am near to being Gee-millenial, Gee, I just don’t know. God bless your hard work.

  2. Will: that was hilarious! Gee-millenial. Too funny.

    Jeff: will you be sharing any of the paper here?

  3. Will,
    That sounds very much like the “pan-millenial, pan-tribulationist” You know God will do His thing and it will all pan out in the end.
    I will probably post the word doc file after it is graded. If I do it before, it might get picked up by the web tool they use and flagged as plagiarism. Wouldn’t that be a little too ironic.

  4. I have been told facebook is of the devil. I have been told a lot. Tell me when you finish you paper, i look forward to an education.

  5. Will,
    I have the paper finished. I am waiting for it to be graded before I post the file here. I will create a brand new post for it then.

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