Sunday Morning 5/10/09

First, my apologies to anyone who has come looking to listen to the sermon in the last few days and wondered what happened.  We have had some sickness at the house since last Thursday and Sunday just didn’t run normal at all.  I have forgotten to get the audio cut and posted for three days now and got distracted from it on the rare moments I did remember that it needed to be done.  I have got the audio ready to go and the sermon notes are below.  May God richly bless you in the study of His Word.  This sermon covers 1 Corinthians 14.  Click on the play button below or follow this link to download the sermon in podcast form.

Love in Every Language

Sermon Notes for 5/10/09 (1 Corinthians 14)

  1. Love and Spiritual Gifts

    1. Pursue love (chapter 13)

    2. Tongues are languages and are personal (Rom. 8:26-28)

    3. Prophecy is for the body of the church

  2. The problem with gibberish – Is there an unknown tongue?

    1. The Greek word in this chapter is glossa

      1. It is the word for the part of the body or for language

      2. Any translation that uses the word unknown here is going beyond the text and commentating on it.

    2. Unintelligible speech compared to unintelligible music

    3. All must be done for mutual edification and understanding

  3. Keeping it in order

    1. Worship is not a spectator sport

    2. Worship is not chaotic either

    3. Everything and everyone must work together

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