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What a week it has been

I have been a very bad blogger, and I am not going to offer any lame excuses for it this time.  I just want to fill you all in on the amazing things that God has done.  School has been interesting and I am only taking one class at the moment because I expect this first part of the summer to be a little crazy.  I have not been disappointed.  This past weekend was graduation weekend here in Langdon, which is always a busy time.  It was also the time to celebrate an early 50th birthday for one of our church members.  We had a very busy Saturday, but it was a lot of fun hanging out and fellowshipping with our family in Christ here in Langdon.  Sunday, I preached a message from Leviticus 19, but an uncooperative microphone rendered the message indecipherable so I couldn’t post it at all.  Leviticus isn’t the most popular preaching material for most preachers, but this was a God ordained thing.  I am between books and we have Bro. Mike coming this Sunday to start a series of Bible studies this coming week, so I didn’t want to start a new book and that is where God led me to go.

FPGM Jesse Ricky and I with Kids

Jesse is on the left and Ricky is on the right

I had no way to know what all God had in store for Sunday though.  This past Sunday, we had a great group of folks in our worship service and quite a few guests.  We also had a couple of guests from way out of town.  An evangelist who is traveling through America by bicycle to proclaim the gospel had found his way to Langdon and wandered by our church on foot the night before.  We were blessed to have Jesse Boyd and Ricky Springer in our midst that morning.  Jesse is part of Full Proof Gospel Ministries and you can read more about his trip and his minstry at these links.  After the service Sunday morning, one of our church members offered to have Jesse and Ricky out to her home for lunch and I volunteered to give them a ride out there.  I stayed out there to enjoy the fellowship and decided to offer a place for these brothers to stay for the night.  They were camping in the city park, but the weather was supposed to turn cold and rainy and I knew it wouldn’t be any fun to camp in it at all.  Besides, with rain in the forecast for the entire day Monday, they weren’t going to get back on the road.  They agreed to stay with us Sunday night and also Monday night when the weather turned out as bad as promised.  We were blessed to have the time to fellowship and share with these guys as they are just starting this leg of the journey.  Please pray for Jesse as he continues to cycle the northern plains and heads for Cananda and Alaska.  We got a picture of them with me and the kids before they headed out on Tuesday morning.Tuesday, we went to Grand Forks and got great news on Jonathan’s eyes.  They are reducing his prescription yet again and are pleased with his progress.  It was a long day though and we didn’t get home until almost 10 PM.

One other note, is that Monday was the thirteenth anniversary for Amelia and me.  I surprised her with a quiet candlelight dinner at the church and 13 red roses.  I also cooked all of the food (mozzarella sticks, chicken alfredo and breadsticks) and she didn’t have to lift a finger.  We had a babysitter for a while yet and spent the rest of our time that night bowling, which was a lot of fun.

Tonight, the city had a remembrance service for five people who were killed in a tornado that devestated much of the town in 1909 on this date.  It was a really well done service and a neat occaision.  I was honored to be asked to participate by saying a prayer at one of the cememtaries where wreaths were laid on the graves of the victims (one of which was a 5-week old baby).  They also put up a plaque in town on the square.

Langdon Cyclone Plaque

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