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Sunday 5/31/09 Services

We have a special treat this week.  My good friend Mike Taylor of Devoted to the Word ministries is in town to do a Bible conference for us and was preaching/teaching this morning and tonight as well.  My plan is to record all of the sessions and post the audio for the evening ones at least.  The noon sessions are going to be recorded differently and I am not sure how they will turn out yet.  Here is the audio for this morning and this evening respectively.  The topic is following Christ.  Just press the play button and enjoy.

Sunday morning

Sunday evening

One other note of interest to those who try to listen to older sermons.  The hosting service that I was using made some changes in the last week and somehow erased my account.  It was a free account, so I can’t complain really, but I am going to have to backtrack and repair all of the links after I upload those sermons again.  If you run into a sermon that doesn’t play, leave a comment and I will prioritize it.  I figure it will take me a couple of weeks at least to find the time to fix all the sermons going back to November of last year.

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