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Sunday Morning 6/14/09

We had a great service Sunday morning as we worshiped with both flesh and blood and spiritual family together.  I have family visiting and we also baptized our youngest daughter this Sunday.  The message is from Matthew 5 and covers verse 17 to the end of the chapter.  We also had a concert Sunday night, but the music is mostly covered by copyrights and such so I can’t post that audio here.

May God richly bless you this week.  The sermon audio is available by clicking the play button below or you can click this link for a downloadable podcast version.

The Law of the Lord

Sermon Notes for 6/14/09 (Matthew 5:17-48)

  1. Christ fulfills the Law – He did not abolish or end it

    1. The Law is still active today

    2. The Law provided guidelines for living as a child of God

  2. Magnifying the Law

    1. Handling anger – Romans 12:14-21

    2. Handling lust is serious business

    3. Handling divorce and marriage – Matthew 19:1-12

    4. Swearing (not the 4-letter kind)

    5. Fighting back – understanding meekness from verse 5

  3. The heart of it all – Love

    1. Love is the sum of God’s law – Matthew 22:34-40

    2. What it means to be perfect as God is perfect – v. 48

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