Sunday Morning 6/21/09

Here is the sermon audio from Sunday morning.  It cuts off somewhat abruptly since the music came in a little louder this week and I had to cut it out completely.  The notes are below and you can listen by clicking on the play button or by following this link to get the message as a downloadable podcast.

Showy Faith or a Faithful Showing

Sermon Notes for 6/21/09 (Matthew 6:1-18)

  1. Giving to grow

    1. Faithful living isn’t intended to impress others

    2. Two stories of giving from Acts 4:32-5:11

    3. How is giving rewarded?

  2. Praying to know God

    1. Public prayer is not evil

    2. Jesus models simple prayer

    3. Understanding the Lord’s Prayer

      1. Protocol

      2. Priority

      3. Petitions

      4. Praise

    4. A word about forgiveness

  3. Fasting without show

    1. Jesus assumes His followers will fast

    2. What is fasting?

    3. How to fast properly

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