A Fun Nugget from the Bible

Who says that the genealogies are boring?  OK, I will admit that I have said it a time or two, but I love seeing this kind of thing.  I haven’t had the time to track down these Hebrew words in my lexicon as a doublecheck, but I have found this guy to be pretty reliable with these kind of things and I couldn’t resist passing it on.  Check out the message that God has given in the genealogy from Adam to Terah.  I am pasting it below in the form I got it from El Shaddai Ministries pastor Mark Biltz.

If you take the first letter of every name in the begats from Adam to Terah, (Abraham’s father), it forms an acrostic that becomes an exciting revelation of God’s redemptive plan!

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2 thoughts on “A Fun Nugget from the Bible

  1. Jeff,

    Hadn’t seen that one before. Have you seen the genealogy of Noah before? I got this from Chuck Missler who got it from another source that escapes me at the moment.


    Now for the meanings of the names:

    Adam means “man.” Pretty simple, he was the first man on earth.
    Seth was his son. Seth means “appointed”
    Enosh was Seth’s son. His name means “mortal,” or “frail,” or “miserable.”
    Kenan means “sorrow,” “dirge,” or “elegy.”
    Mahalalel means “blessed” or “praise.”
    Jared means “shall come down.”
    Enoch means “teaching” or “commencement.”
    Methuselah means “his death shall bring.”
    Lamech means “lament,” or “lamentation,” or suggestion of “despairing.”
    Noah means “to bring relief” or “comfort.”

    So: “Man (is) appointed mortal sorrow; (but) the Blessed God shall come down teaching (that) His death shall bring (the) despairing rest.”

    I haven’t done a full study of this myself, but I do know the meanings of most of the names so this isn’t a stretch.

    Thanks for the other. That’s good stuff!

  2. Joe,
    I have seen that one before. I think it might be hiding in the blog, but it is good to include it here as well in the comments.

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