It’s Just a Piece of Paper II

Update 2: It is looking more likely that this certificate is a fake as well, but it would still be nice if the person who could clear all of this up with a simple release of his actual birth certificate would just do it and get it all over with.  Come on Mr. President.  Show your birth certificate.

Update: Still no news one way or the other on this new birth certificate, but this commentary from WND editor and founder Joseph Farah explains why I trust these guys enough to read their news before I read almost anyone else.

A while back, I wrote a blog about Obama’s missing birth certificate.  Late today comes breaking news that a certified copy of his actual birth certificate has been found.  Apparently there was a fake one going around the net last week, so the jury isn’t in on this one either yet.  This one has the ring of authenticity to it however.  Feel free to check out the story, which includes photos of the certificate.

Honestly, if he has a Hawaii birth certificate, why wouldn’t he just release it and make this whole thing go away in the first place.  Even Lou Dobbs from CNN would like an answer to that question.

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