Just Because You’re Paranoid. . .

Doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you.  Actually, I couldn’t think of a single clever title for the mishmash that is about to follow in this post so this will have to do.  The only reason I picked this is because I have been installing “software” for my new Microsoft webcam for the last 20 minutes now.  Something about this process taking so long is making me nervous.  What exactly are they doing to my computer now?  Are they planning to watch me through the little camera on top of my monitor without me knowing?  How in the world can a webcam require a twenty plus minute install?   All I wanted was a newer camera that could travel more easily between my PCs.  But I might spend half of my day trying to install the software on them at this rate.

Anyway, on to bigger and better things.  There is so much fun news that I don’t know where to start.  Let me just throw a few things out there for you to digest.  Back on July 22 during the full eclipse, it appears that something interesting occurred.  I can’t tell you what to think about it, although I was already watching this eclipse with interest because of its timing on the Jewish calendar.  Check out the video if you haven’t seen it yet and see what you think of the shape that appears as the sun breaks back out from behind the moon toward the end of the video.  I sent this to a friend of mine who is doing some research down a similar path of study and it blew his mind.  And while that is interesting, there is other news that really is fun to think about.

For instance, a Muslim leader has come out in favor of having the Jewish Temple be rebuilt.  Which is fascinating by itself, but it really looks interesting when you put it next to the story about the group that recently started construction of the altar that will go into the new temple.  They chose to do the work on the 9th of Av(which corresponds to the day on which both of the previous Temples were destroyed).   And another group placed a model of the Temple on a building that is in sight of the Temple mount.  Frankly I just like the picture that goes with the article which shows the model temple in the foreground with the Dome of the Rock mosque in the background.  It gives you something to chew on anyway.

And if that isn’t enough fun for you, go check out the article in the New York Times about an situation that even has them mentioning the book of Revelation.

These are interesting times that we live in my friends.  I for one am excited to see what God has in store for us each day.

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5 thoughts on “Just Because You’re Paranoid. . .

  1. Computer stuff…drives me nuts. I hope your camera is working well.

    These surely are interesting times. I just watched an interesting, and alarming video on Muslim demographics and how we (the world) will be taker over by Islam in a very short time.

    Yep. Interesting times. I hope and pray that the Lord will return later this afternoon.

    That’s the kind of excitement that we really need!

  2. I watched the eclipse thing twice, i saw an eclipse, but i miss a lot i know, these are strange times, sooner or later the Savior will leave His seat at the right hand of God, and will come to call us all to the last battle, when we will see Him victorious. Personally I can’t wait, but I think it is going to get really really bad first.

  3. Will,
    In the last ten seconds or so of the video, a shape that looks like the 6-point Star of David appears as the sun emerges from behind the moon. I think it hits at about the 2:13 mark. I saw it the first time I watched it and it completely amazed me. I have watched other views of the eclipse to see if I could see it in those, but most of the ones I have watched seem to overexpose at that moment. It could be a digital editing trick, but that seems unlikely since the BBC is the one that aired the footage.

  4. Ok , I see it now, i thought it was the coating of the lens. Are you finding you flock asking about 2012?

  5. I haven’t gotten a lot of 2012 questions. There is one deacon in my church who is pretty interested in Bible prophecy that has brought up the subject once or twice, but it has always been in casual conversation after Bible study.

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