Completely Backwards

I saw this story a couple of weeks ago as the Muslim observance of Ramadan began.  Apparently, some of the leaders of the “emergent church” have decided to observe the month along with Muslims around the world.   The story quotes Brian McLaren as saying on his blog, “We, as Christians, humbly seek to join Muslims in this observance of Ramadan as a God-honoring expression of peace, fellowship, and neighborliness.”  I don’t know what these guys think we need to learn from Islam and I take issue with the idea.

My biggest problem however is that these same guys like McLaren who are promoting observance of Ramadan more or less ignore the feasts that God both created and commanded His people to observe.  I did a search of his blog for the terms Trumpets, Tabernacles and Passover and found exactly one hit for the last one.  Meanwhile, he is blogging incessantly about what a “great experience” this observance of Ramadan is.  Further evidence of this attitude comes from a quote from his blog:

Our main purpose for participating will be our own spiritual growth, health, learning, and maturity, but we also hope that our experience will inspire others to pray and work for peace and the common good, together with people of other faith traditions … as Christians, we want to come close to our Muslim neighbors and to share this important part of life with them. Just as Jesus, a devout Jew, overcame religious prejudice and learned from a Syrophonecian woman and was inspired by her faith two thousand years ago (Matthew 15:21 ff, Mark 7:24 ff), we seek to learn from our Muslim sisters and brothers today.

What in the world does he mean in this quote?  Is he really suggesting that Jesus had to overcome personal prejudice of some kind?  Maybe I am reading it wrong, but this sounds over the top to me.  I would suggest that we as Christians might want to look to the religious observances that Jesus actually participated in Himself (i.e. the feasts that are laid out in Leviticus 23) for “spiritual growth, health

, learning, and maturity” before we look to the observances outlined by a faith that is diametrically opposed to Christianity and is currently persecuting Christians in many corners of the world.

As we approach the time of the fall feasts of the Lord, it is important to be watching and expecting great things on God’s terms and in His time.  The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is not the same as the god that is described in the Koran and worshipped by Muslims all over the world.  I know that isn’t the politically correct thing to say, but it is the truth.  There is no way to reconcile the two together.  Simply look at these two statements side by side:

No one who denies the Son has the Father; whoever acknowledges the Son has the Father also. (1 John 2:22, 23)

They said, “The Most Gracious has begotten a son”! You have uttered a gross blasphemy. (Quran 19:88)

You tell me how you would resolve the two into one, because it just isn’t possible.  Islam denies that Jesus Christ is God come in the flesh.  According to Scripture, that sentiment embodies the spirit of the antichrist.  Of course, that is a whole other subject that will have to wait for another post.

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5 thoughts on “Completely Backwards

  1. I have studied the qu’ran for a couple years now, I find in it nothing of value to me. I have no doubt it is the doctrine of demons. That may sound harsh, but there is no other view for one who believes the Bible to be the inspired work of God.

  2. Will,
    I agree with you. It is very much an either/or proposition as both the Koran and the Bible cannot be true. I have found the Bible to be the most trustworthy and true book around bar none. I do not understand what these guys are thinking there is to gain from observing Ramadan and ignoring God’s way and His feasts and His plan.

  3. Islam was the devil’s counterpunch to the gospel.

    Thier god sends their sons to die and murder for him.

    Our God sent His Son to die for us.

    You couldn’t have more of a difference.

  4. I am amazed at the number of people who say,” you got the wrong translation” yet they have never bothered to read any translation of it at all! Prejudice!

  5. Lots of great quotes directly from the Quran here:

    Send those folks to that address for an eye opener.

    (look under the ‘Islam’ categories)

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