Restless Contentment

I like paradoxes. I am sure that makes me a little weird, but that doesn’t bother me really. I have all of this free time this week because I am not starting back to class until next Monday, so I thought I would get a lot of blogging done. I got the other computer fixed, so I have the means to get a lot of blogging done. I am trying to rest my poor right arm, which has been overworked typing and mousing at the computer, so I can understand why I haven’t got a lot of blogging done. I still have three weeks of sermons to post at the church site, and I haven’t done that either.

I haven’t made a lot of comments at my friends blogs either.  I am feeling somewhat averse to getting into any more “serious discussions” to contend for some minor point of the faith or major misunderstanding.  I have exhausted plenty of energy in a sporadic dialog with an atheist at another blog about evolution and it just reminds me yet again that so many can have the Truth staring right at them and still not see it.  Frankly it isn’t my job to make them see it either.  And I am learning that slowly but surely.
I have a couple of papers to post here, once they are graded of course. I don’t want them to show up on the web and make my professor think I plagiarized myself.
But why the title for this post? I think it best describes my current state of affairs. I am contented with what God is doing in my life, but I am restless as well. There are things I want to do, and things I want to see done around me in His Kingdom. But the time is not now it seems. Earlier tonight, my sister wrote a new post on her blog. I want to quote a little of it that is relevant to this feeling I have right now:

I am… where I am… because I am… where He has placed me.
I am… who I am… because I am… who He made me.
I am where I am in life… because I am needed… where I am.
I am not stuck, denied, lost or forgotten. God has not witheld, withdrawn, or forsaken.
I am forgiven, fulfilled, and loved.
God is not behind schedule in my life. He is certainly not early. I can be assured He is right on time.
These things will not change, because He will not change.
I am… where I am… because I am… where He has placed me.
And so are you!

I just wanted to thank my sister for her writing and for capturing so well what so many of us need to hear.  Amen.  I will be back to blogging in earnest sometime in the near future, but until then, shalom.

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5 thoughts on “Restless Contentment

  1. Love ya B! I know right where you are!!


  2. Thank you, Jeff and thank you, Gina for that lovely sentiment.

    Bro, I hear you. I think I might have called the post “Contented Struggle.” As you probably remember, I’ve been out of work since July. It’s terrible and great at the same time. God’s got me here for a reason. I will probably not know what it is until He moves me out of it.

    Glad to hear you’re still around out there. 😉

  3. Joe,
    I know that you can relate and are certainly going through some tough times as well. My prayer is that you continue to fight the good fight of faith as you walk with the Lord through this time.
    I am still here, but life is crazier than I want it to be right now. 🙂

  4. I have been laid off longer than Joe. It is possible that the church will not be able to pay me this winter. Hmmm, God is going to have to do some interesting things here!
    Jeff , If life wasn’t crazy, it might get boring!
    I was following part of your atheist chatter., I am never going to do that again. Being blind is one thing, gouging out your eyes to prevent sight, quite another.
    I am looking forward to the papers, as i enjoyed the last one I read.
    Could it be the Spirit is amping you up for a new challenge? Sometimes that is where that feeling takes me.
    My wife and I will pray for you tonight, secure that you are where you ought to be.

  5. Will,
    You are another brother that I think of often as I hear the woeful economic news on TV. I pray for you as often as I remember, and will continue to lift you and your family and church family up in our prayers.

    I appreciate the crazy nature of things most time, but this particular set of circumstances has involved my wife and her health. She had to go to the ER yesterday and they said she has gall stones. Now we are looking at a surgery in the next few days apparently and a lot of unknowns in the midst of it all. These next two weeks were supposed to be busy for wholly other reasons without this “interesting” complication. Thank you for the prayers.

    And as for the atheist discussion, I sympathize. My problem is that I have an argumentative heart and I find it is better if I turn it away from my brothers and sisters in the Lord and instead use it to talk to some who need a swift jog of sense in the worst way. I don’t blame you for avoiding it at all. If I am not in the conversation, I can’t stand to read it anymore either.

    P.S. Look for the papers this week hopefully. One is graded and going to post up tonight. The other one I am waiting on and it will be a little more “controversial” I am sure.

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