Sunday Morning 10/25/09

We had a good service Sunday morning.  Be sure and keep listening at the end as I get surprised with a card in honor of Pastor Appreciation month.  I left it on so that folks who listen can hear how much I appreciate my church family.  We feel so loved and appreciated as well, and I know that is a precious gift from God.  Enjoy the sermon as well.  The audio is available by clicking the play button and the notes are below.  May God richly bless you in His Word.

The First and Last Ark

Sermon Notes for 10/25/09


  1. The first ark was a really big boat – Genesis 6:14-15
    1. Even at this size, it would never have been able to hold everyone.
    2. God knew that most of that generation would reject Him
    3. Clean and unclean animals!!
      1. Genesis 7:1-3
      2. Why wait seven more days? – v. 4
  2. A new covenant – Genesis 6:18
      1. God’s new covenant doesn’t override His previous promises
      2. Proof against “global warming” or climate catastrophe is in God’s promise – Genesis 8:22
  3. The Last Ark – Jesus Christ – 1 Peter 3:18-22
    1. We are saved by entering “into Him” – Romans 3:21-25
    2. The water itself doesn’t save – v. 20-21, you must be “in Christ” to pass through the water.
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