Road Warrior

I have gotten a little behind on some of my projects again.  The last couple of weeks have seen me on the road more than normal.  Two weeks ago at this time I was at an exceptional church planting and missions conference in Missoula, MT.  The speaker was a man named Jim Putman who wrote a book about a year or so ago called Church is a Team Sport. I felt a great connection to this pastor and heard a great amount of harmony with my thinking (at one point he basically preached a great part of the sermon I had just preached the day before going).  I have already read the book since returning and I am excited to see how God will use these things in the life of our church here.  I highly recommend the book and I plan to devote a couple of posts in the near future to these topics so I won’t go on about it now.

Last week, we traveled to Rapid City, SD, for the Dakota Baptist Convention.  I have been looking forward to this for quite a while, since it gave us a chance to catch up with lots of good friends from around the Dakotas and especially those in the Black Hills where we had served for 4 years before moving here.  Overall, the convention went very well and I count it a blessing and a priviledge that God has led us to serve here with the wonderful folks in the DBC.

We will be able to spend a few weeks here close to home as I complete my final two classes to finish my Master of Arts in Religion before we finish the year by traveling to Arkansas to visit with family and friends there over the holidays.  All in all, things are going very well.  I am going to catch up on posting sermon audio over at the church’s blog tonight or tomorrow and get some more schoolwork tucked away as well.  Plus I look forward to catching up on my friend’s blogs as well.

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